Thermostat and Pellet Stove

chapruDecember 31, 2007

I recently purchased a Timber Ridge (Englander) 55 (1500 sq ft)automatic start pellet stove for my 1000 sq. ft. cottage. The stove starts up and runs just great, but even on the lowest setting (heat - 1, bower - 1), it will heat the inside up to 75 degrees, blowing us out. As a result, I'm only getting 15-16 hours out of a bag of pellets. I would like to keep it around 68, which would also make the pellets last longer.

I was considering buying a wall thermometer for the unit. My understanding is that it will not regulate the temperature, only the pellet flow to the burn pot.

Does anybody have experience with these thermometers or with the stoves. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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I own an Englander stove which is operated with a thermostat. The only time I have ever had difficulty with it getting too warm in the house was when the outside temperature went up to 50-55 degrees. What I had to do is push the low fuel feed button and lower the feed rate to 3. If you try to lower this setting too much the only thing that will happen is the stove will go out because it's not getting enough pellets to sustain a fire. This was recomended to me by the customer service department at Englander Stove Co. Hope that this helps.

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Thanks Biss. I already lowered the feed rate to 1 and the blower to 1. I guess I'm spoiled by my Harman 68 at the house.
Do you have the standard thermostat recommended by Englander? If so, is it true that it works by feed rate and will not turn itself off and on according to the themperature setting? Thanks

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