beware: costco membership scam

sadiesmomAugust 13, 2003

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking here and the Organizing forum ever since they required paid membership, but I encountered a situation yesterday that I can't believe and which bothered me enough that I wanted my posting privilege back so I finally "bucked up".

When I was paying for my Costco stuff yesterday, the clerk told me that my membership was due and I KNEW it hadn't been a year since I did it, so I went to the membership desk and had the person there look up my records. In fact, I did renew my membership last year in late November, but guess what? Since orininally I became a member in June of 1998, that is when my membership is due every year, NO MATTER WHAT. I spoke to the store manager about it as well as the membership representative. All they could tell me was that "that is the way the system is set up" When I tried to explain that I expected to get a one year membership when I did pay for it, they said that even though I renewed in November, it was considered a late renewal. I asked what if I renewed in February and they told me it would still be due in June since that is originally when I became a member. The manager said that is how it is set up all over the country and I am the first person he has heard of who thought it was misleading. (It was a very friendly and polite conversation but I was dumbfounded) The first person I talked to tried to explain to me that even though I didn't renew last year until November, that their services were available to me the entire time. I told her they weren't because my card was expired so I couldn't shop there that whole time and she replied again, "well the membership was available to you though"

The manager did go on to explain that if I wanted to go to the trouble, I could completely cancel out my original membership and start the whole process over again. But that every time I let my membership lapse because I didn't want to shop there, I would have to do the same thing when I renewed. That is okay with me and maybe even reasonable on there part, but I asked if anyone ever informed people of this and he said "oh no, we couldn't do that". Sheesh.

Does anyone think besides me think this is totally crazy??? I know people don't keep track of dates like this and I think that it is an easy way for them to "getcha".

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Yes, it is totally crazy - DH and I just went through the EXACT SAME THING! We basically told the manager to forget it, we'd go across the street to Sam's --- amazingly he changed both his tune and the expiration date on our membership.

The whole thing left a very bad taste in my mouth for Costco.

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I am SO relieved to hear I am not the only one that thinks this might be unacceptable!

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I carried a self-directed retirement plan (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) with a stockbroker, and the usual plan is that they charge an annual trustee fee, as they must ensure that certain requirements are met, make reports to the Revenue service, etc.

Years ago I got in on a plan with a broker where they charged no trustee fee: later when they were bought out, the new company allowed me to continue with that plan.

When it matured, at age 69, it turned into a Registered Retirement Income Fund: I could make no more contributions and was required to make certain annual withdrawals.

The broker said that, since this was a different account, I would be required to pay trustee fees.

I checked with a mutual fund company and a bank where I am a customer, to find that they would allow me to operate such a retirement fund without fee.

When I pointed this out to the current carrier, he found a way to continue my account without an annual fee, as well.

Rather than lose it.

Ya don't ask - ya don't get.

And sometimes the asking takes on more strength when accompanied by some obervations about what services may be available from a competitor.

May I quote another cliche: "Knowledge is power"?

I've found that being curious (nosey?) frequently is not only helpful - but often rather fun-filled, as well.

May you find some fun in every day - and find some of it in being polite, patient and persistent in your requests that reasonable complaints be rectified.

joyful guy - pensioner (on 4 counts)

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Hmmm. I see two ways to look at this. The store's point of view was the obvious one to me when I first read this. I'll give you another example. My friend lives in a city where garbage collection is not included in the taxes (very rare in NJ, but anyway) they have to pay a garbage collection bill to a company if they want curb side pick-up. Otherwise, they can just bring their trash to the dump for free. One day my friend decides she's going to go to the dump for free because she can no longer afford pick-up (her DH was not working at the time.) So, she just starts going to the dump, and does not put any trash at the curb. Then, several months later, decides she needs curbside pick-up, so starts putting stuff out again. They don't pick up her stuff. She calls to find out why. They say she is several months behind on her bills. Turns out, when she decided to start using the dump, she never called the collection company to cancel curb-side pick-up. As far as they're concerned, she's still a customer. The driver is not sitting in the cab, taking notes on which houses haven't put garbage out for a while! She had to pay for all those months. Lesson learned: when you want something canceled, call up and cancel it!

On the other hand, I see your point of view: the card has an expiration date on it. You assumed that the membership had expired, and you were no longer using it for that reason. You assumed that in November, you were buying a *new* membership, not renewing the old one several months late. Now, thanks to you, we all know how Costco handles their memberships. I suspect that many companies that sell memberships have similar procedures that we should be aware of. I wonder if the information is contained in some sort of membership "packet" or "information sheet?"

You know, this reminds me of the NJ DMV. I bought my car in February, so every year, I have to go to inspection in February. Well, it never fails, every year, I go late, and no matter what month it is, they slap a February sticker on my windshield. Do you think they can cut me some slack and give me a whole year between inspections? Nope. I *KNOW* this is my own fault. (I was just reminded of a Jimmy Buffet song. :) ) Anyway, this year, I got my driver's license a little late too. It still expires on my birthday in 2007, NOT 4 years from the date that I got it.

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Thanks for your reply. When when I first tried to think about it from their point of view, I thought of the city utilities and even the car registration example. We have the same policy with our car registrations here in WA also which I don't mind, because even when I register my car later, they correctly assume that I am still the owner, and that in all probability I have been continuing to use my car. With my driver's license, I am still driving even when I fail to renew my license by the expiration date, and I am still getting government services that are paid for by license fees even when my license is expired.
As far as the city utilities are concerned, whether or not I am using the trash and sewer services, we need the city to provide these services--the alternative is unthinkable. Even if I don't put trash out, the trash men/women, still have to drive by my house every week and then drive to the dump after that.
Conversely,when my Costco membership expires, I can no longer use their services and do not benefit in any way by the fact that thousands of other people still have the privelege of shopping there. When I buy a one year membership to the local pool or a magazine subscription, I get a whole year out of the deal and my due date had nothing to do with any previous memberships/subscriptions I purchased.
The whole thing continues to irritate me because I know most people truly believe when they renew their membership that they are not going to have to pay for it again for 12 months. I also know that Costco is making millions on that deal. However, I am sure that had I carefully read the fine print on one of the forms I signed that I would not have been so surprised.

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Did they allow you to continue to use their services thirteen months after you'd renewed last time, or did they tell you that your membership had expired, so your card was no good?

Just after Christmas son and I helped his friend move - a five day job, as his place was stuffed. Some of our goods were left behind. About mid-Jan I went to pick them up on a Saturday.

On leaving, a few blocks from their home I pulled in to curb lane in order to be ready for an anticipated turn - ahead of a police car. Afer turning corner, cherry lights behind me.

Asked if my car registration renewed - I, surprised, said I was sure it was. Checked the licence - it had been the year before, but not last year.

Got a ticket, policeman very pleasant, told me if I attended courthouse might get $110. amount of fine reduced. I asked him if I not permitted to move car until it licenced - not possible till Monday. He asked if I had relatives in city, I said, "No", he said I could drive home - carefully.

If car not properly licenced, probably no insurance.

On arrival home, I let car sit, drove van till following Thursday, my birthday, then renewed licence - for the following year.

A few days later, before automatic increase in fine unless dealt with, I travelled 120 mi. one way to ask about it, though son said I should just pay and forget it, and I thought perhaps I should.

Had to actually plead not guilty, though I agreed that I was, in order to get interview. Court officer said I'd get a hearing date in about a month, which I did.

About a month later, travelled again to attend hearing with Justice of Peace. She heard my story, asked if licence renewed, I said that it was, she checked - and it was. For the current year, which began on my birthday, end of Jan.

She said that I was free to go - fine rescinded.

So I saved not only the cost of the fine - but $74. registration for one year. I had travelled 11 months and over three weeks on an expired licence.

You win a few - and you lose a few.

The City is Toronto - and they've had terrific - and totally unnecessary - reduction tourist visits because of the SARS outbreak - which was almost entirely related to health-care workers.

Maybe I should make a contribution to the city - which would, I think, be tax deductible.

Enjoy your summer, everyone.

joyful guy

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This doesn't sound unacceptable to me. When you go to Costco, you flash your card to get in, and they do not check any expiration date at that time.

When you originally paid in June, but then didn't renew until November, they didn't dun you any extra membership fee for the 6 months, right? They didn't change your membership card or account number either, right? During that 6 months you could have used the existing card to go to Costco at any time.

And they did give you the option of starting over when you complained.

I would not like to have to have the expiration date checked on my card every time I went there, before I was allowed in.

For example, with credit cards, if you don't use a credit card for months, you still have that card, and if there's an annual fee, you are still going to be charged the fee, unless you call and explicitly cancel the card.

Ditto on the trash story. You can't expect the trash truck guys to call up the office to check on you whenever you don't leave your trash out. If you wish to cancel service, you call and cancel it.

In legal contracts, this is common and not at all fraudulent, and I'm sure is put in writing in some paperwork when you initially get your membership.

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But Gina, what if I don't want to be a member any more? What if I don't want to be a member for 2 1/2 years and I indicate so by not renewing my membership? I specifically asked the store manager that and he said that still if I purchased another membership in December 2 1/2 years after my previous membership expired, my membership would still be due again in 6 months because that is the month when I originally became a member.
And of course, as I indicated earlier, I totally agree about paying for government services like trash car registrations since we have to have those things. However, even though theoretically I can walk into the costco store, I can't buy anything without a current membership, so during the few months when my membership was expired (their word) I am not receiving any services at all from them. A membership or subscription to a private business is not like being required to pay for government services on a regular basis.

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Have you e-mailed the home office detailing your complaint? Find out from the library, a stockbroker or other source familiar with corporations' structures who the head officials are and address one of them personally.

If you don't get an answer - write again. If it isn't from the person whom you addressed or the reply doesn't state specifically that the writer has been directed to reply to you - write again. If it doesn't happen that way that time, write a letter by regular mail. If you don't get a proper reply that time, write again - with copy to the consumer affairs department of one or more of your local media.

Be courteous, reasonable and polite. Explain your complaint in detail. And what you feel should be done to make things right.

Persistence pays.

Sometimes branch store officials are uninformed - or maybe like to throw their weight around a bit.

It might just be possible that headquarters' policy wasn't being followed. Even if it were - they might tell the local branch to accomodate you - just to shut you up.

If that route isn't successful and if they hadn't warned you when they took a whole year's membership fee from you that your term would actually expire in 6 months, and it wasn't written into the original contract anywhere ...

maybe you could register a claim against them in small claims court.

In some jurisdictions I think that it costs something like $20.00 to register such an action for issues up to $10,000.? - varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I think.

Make sure that you ascertain what the full fee structure may be down the line before you start, of course.

That would get their attention.

They'd probably huff and puff a lot prior to the court date. If it was part of your contract somewhere that what they did was part of the contract that you'd agreed to - you'd be out the money that you'd paid till then.

They would send their high-priced lawyer to represent them if it came to court date. Which they would not want to do.

It often happens that they settle just prior to the court date - sometimes on the courthouse steps.

You'd ask for your out-of-pocket exenses, a modest amount for your time and trouble - and the amount represented by the membership time that you couldn't use.

You can often represent yourself and the court officers may offer some help during the proceeding.

You would want to let local news media know of the action, as, even though it was a peanut issue - often such actions against major corporations attract interest.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on their office wall when the local newspaper, TV station called to confirm that an action was being registered against them for having gypped a customer?

It might be worth while to find out just how much it might cost you to institute such an action: it might be worth it just to have some fun. And a story that you could pass around for a while. Might even get someone to buy you a beer - or lunch.

Have a great week - seeking to ensure that you get the value that you (thought that you) paid for.

joyful guy

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"if I purchased another membership in December 2 1/2 years after my previous membership expired, my membership would still be due again in 6 months because that is the month when I originally became a member. "

This part I think you're mistaken about, or he was mistaken about. It doesn't make sense. If you are RENEWING a membership late, like you did, then of course your due date is still the same for the next renewal.

But if you opt to CANCEL the old membership and open a new one, (New card, new account number etc.) then the new expiration/due date will be different.

I think it's a misunderstanding.

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EXACTLY!!! But according to the store manager, canceling involves filling out paper work and signing something which is followed by them removing your old records in the computer and then starting everything all over again. Otherwise, as soon as they enter your ID information into their computer system when you do decide to renew, then all of your old (it doesn't matter how long) records pop up and VOILA, your membership is due on your original anniversary month.
But, as you correctly pointed out, he was willing to let me go through the procedure to officially cancel the existing membership and start a new one. That part I can live with. It's just that this is not something they are upfront about when you renew "late".

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Might be wise to check expiry date on magazines occasionally.

Someone said here a while ago that they'd found an/some instance(s) where the magazine asked for renewal before the earlier period already paid for had expired.

Quite likely a good idea to check renewal date on label before renewing.

Might be a good idea to check whether expiry date listed on current issue of magazine corresponds to that on an issue that came out several months ago.

Maybe, a couple of months after renewal, check labels to ensure that the full amount paid was reflected in the length of extension.

Possibly a good idea to keep a page in the back of account book where expiry dates (and amount of fee paid) recorded. If got special deal previously, wouldn't hurt to ask for it again.

By the way - when I spent time a year ago with an old uncle whose wife had just died, I found that they were getting two copies of a couple of (three?) magazines - so be careful that they enter your fee as a renewal rather than as a new subscriber.

If your neighbour caught you with two magazines side by side, opened to the same page (reading one with each eye), they might phone to local newspaper to get them to come out to take your picture.

Have a great summer week, all: (i.e. residents of northern hemisphere).


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Good idea, Joyful. I do know it is common practice for magazine publishers to start soliciting subscription renewals from us when we are only 4-5 months into a subscription. I think I will start keeping track of these things (which should already be in my budget but too often fall into the "incidental" category).

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I work for an ISP. Many customers think that if they don't pay the monthly bill and/or simply stop dialing up, we automatically assume they no longer want the service. It doesn't work that way. Billing is on a flat monthly rate. We do not audit accounts on a daily basis to determine if each customer has or has not used the service. We don't know if someone wants their account closed unless they tell us directly.

Same as cable television -- they have no idea if you do or do not turn on your TV. Billing continues until you call and tell them you no longer want the service.

Of course, if you get past-due to whatever point is the limits, the service will be shut off for non-payment, but you still owe for service up to that point.

I suppose a Costco membership that explicitly expires could be considered a little differently, but that depends on the terms of the membership, and personally, I would still see it as my responsibility to contact them to cancel.

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I completely agree with those types of services: people are paying by the month (not a yearly membership) and can continue to use the services even if they don't pay--until they are finally cut off for non payment at which time the accounts are often turned over to a collection agency.
Costco is different. The dues are paid yearly and they advertise their memberships as "yearly". The second my membership is expired, I can no longer use their services. When they scan my card at the checkout lane, I must have a current membership or they will not let me make my purchases. When you let your magazine subscription lapse because you no longer want it, they do not continue sending you the magazine, and you are not required to call them to cancel. If you join a health club for a year, you aren't required to call them to cancel when that year is up and you no longer wish to be member. You simply just don't renew your membership and are therefor no longer permitted to use their equipment/services.

Typically people only call to cancel memberships and subscriptions when they want to terminate the agreement early for some reason. That is not the scenario I am speaking of. You are correct, a "membership" with an expiration date (which is different from a due date) is completely different from signing up for a monthly utility.

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"The second my membership is expired, I can no longer use their services." - But you can still get into the store. I don't consider this is a scam. Just a misunderstanding.

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What good does it do to get into the store if you are not allowed to purchase anything?

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You can enter the store.

You can pick up as many goods as you wish - a whole cartful, if you so choose.

They won't take your money, so you can't get out the door with it(them).

Not my idea of a good time.


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If you have forgotten to pay your annual bill when it arrives, your card is still good to get you in the store, and, as a courtesy, a convenience, and another of their uncanny good business practices, they allow you to pay your membership at the checkout along with your other loot.

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Our Costco membership expired in May of this year and today was our first visit since it expired.....we renewed it today with a start date of today without any fact, the clerk at customer service asked if we wanted today or tomorrow as the new date on the card........


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It appears that there's some leeway allowed in the way in which renewals are to be arranged.

Or, EastSideMeg - your service person didn't know what she was doing. Doubtful whether the choice she's made will be rescinded, though.

Enjoy your benefits and privileges of membership.

Seems to me, though, that when a store tells me that I must pay a fee to enter their precious store - I'll be inclined to tell them what they can do with *that* idea.

Have a good week at the start of a new season - my fridge just died, so I'm to get a replacement. Hope it's a new one, one of the new energy-efficient ones.

joyful guy

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EastSide Meg,
I am so relieved to know that it is not a universal policy, or that at least the checkers at the Costco where you live are more upfront than they are here. Since discovering this, I have found MANY people in my area who were also aware that they were not getting a full year when they decided to buy a new membership so maybe it is just a store by store thing.....

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Here is my question. I have an executive membership through my business for which I pay $100. There are other employeees, but in order for them to have a card, I have to pay $40 for each additional employee. But, each paid for card lets you get a free card for a 2nd person in the household. Well, my husband won't go to Costco, and the the employee in my office with a 2nd $40 card doesn't have a 2nd person in the household., but I can't just make one of the employees the 2nd person on the card. Is there a way around this? It seems absurd to me.

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great gravy!
Why dredge up a 5 year old post?

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sorry. i saw 08 and not 03. i'll just start a new thread. my apologies.

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That was just one of the reasons that I ended up quitting Costco and going to BJs.

What really did it for me, though, was that I had been a member of Costco for something like 5 years. I was three weeks past my membership expiration and I wanted to renew.

They would NOT take a check because my membership was expired by three weeks, they would not take credit cards (other than American Express, which I won't deal with), and their ATM was broken.

I told the manager to stick his account, I was going to BJs, and I did.

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To the OP,
You joined Costco in June, 98. So in June 99 your membership was up. Between June and Nov 99 you had Costco priviledges even though your membership was late. In Nov 99, you then paid - and as Costco noted - "late".

So you now think your membership is from Nov to Nov and Costco maintains that it's June to June.

I'm siding with Costco on this one. Using your logic, a person could pay their membership "late" every year and basically get free priviledges for a month or two.

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What wonderful "privilege(s)" do/does one enjoy when holding an expired Costco membership card, apart from being able to enter and scout the store?

One can pick up stuff to examine it ... and compare price levels ... one can even load a cart and take it to the check-out station ...

... but one can't buy anything ...

... until the fee is paid to renew their precious card.

I can walk into a hundred (even more, in a large town) stores in most towns, without being refused entry.

I can scout the place ... even pick up merchandise and take it to the check-out.

They won't refuse my money - I can give it to them and leave the store with the goods.

Seems a bunch simpler, to me.

The contract of each credit card issuer company makes it clear that they continue to own the card ... that you carry it with their permission and that they can retrieve it at any time, for any reason.

I fail to see why I should pay them to rent their card when I can obtain dozens of similar cards from various issuers with no fee to carry it.

What troubles me more, however, is that several card issuers offer rewards and cash-back to the carriers, to encourage them to use the cards more often.

The fees that they charge the stores are higher, to underwrite the increased costs.

Some say that it is part of their contract with store owners that they can't offer discounts for sales paid for by cash.

Another troubling aspect of the situation, in my mind, is that a number of card issuers are telling merchants that they can't pick and choose as to which of their cards they will accept, that they must accept the whole stable of cards which the issuer offers, including the ones carrying the higher fee rates ... or use none at all.

All of those services being ones which I, as a cash customer, have to help pay for.

Good wishes for increasingly shrewd use of your income and assets, to work harder for you than for the other guys through whose hands they pass ... or, at least as hard.

ole joyful

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and this subject took this much room, im amazed! The bottom line, either join or quit. There are so many examples of memberships that go Year to Year. The made it clear when you joined, year to year. You paid for the Opportunity to shop, if you do, great if not, thats good too. You know in your heart, the YMCA, or Gyms charge you year by year. If you use them or not. Lets not split hairs here. Businesses cannot operate on you alone and not knowing if youa are going to shop or not. If thats the way you run, then shop at Publix, whenever you want.
Bottom line, I feel Costco was right in this case. And you should not be putting out mean statements when they did offer to do what ever you wanted. If it mattered to you that much take the 10 mins and reapply, if not, oh well go to Sams. You sign a contract, might want to read it better.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Wow...a thread revived after 5 years and then again after it's five and a half years old.

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Yeah - messages can get rather old here, just like some of us.

Heck - over on the KT, they fall from the 67th page into the abyss after something over a couple of months.

ole joyful

P.S. I still resent having to pay a storekeeper just for the privilege of entering his store.

No - that's wrong - I understand that they let me check them out once for free.

If I rented their membership card last year, after it's expiry date it appears that I can enter the store, check the goods, prices, etc., even fill a cart ...

... but not check it out ...

... until I renew my membership.

Even if my card expired 6 mos. ago.

Simple solution.

As I said - why should I pay a merchant for the "privilege" (whatever that means in this situation) of doing business at his/her store (actualy it isn't "his" or "her" - you're dealing with a corporation)?

Let whoever else chooses to use their store - I'll shop where they don't charge me for the privilege of shopping in thir store.

And the time on the card keeps clicking, even if I don't enter the store for 3 mos. (or 6).

o j

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Just for fun I'll post in this ancient thread LOL


Your thoughts on Costcos etc. is how I feel about bottled water. Why buy it when it comes free from the tap and has flouride in it to boot. :) My state is ranked very high on cleanest water anyhow.

Anyhow as far as the Costco sitch I side with Costco. Of course it is annoying for the purchaser when they don't know the rules. Who's fault that is I won't touch because I myself don't always pay attention to the rules and get caught out there too. Hey it happens.

As to why pay someone for the priveledge to shop in their store. For me I'd rather give them $40 bucks a year and save hundreds over that year than give the local markets all my money for less food. Plus I shop less often and don't have to make trips to the local markets to try and find which one has the sales. Just the amount I save in meats alone is worth it. I was sick last month and didn't feel like driving to BJ's and went to the market. I came home with very little and spent so much money. I wished I had just bundled up and took the drive.

BJ's around the Holidays is great! I spend $40 to save literally hundreds. There are other things I won't pay for a membership figure why should I pay you just to join but in the case of BJ's etc. I can see the worth and $40 not bad at all. I'm single but I imagine it would be even better for those with children.

So will this thread continue to live or will it die again! Its kinda like Jason Vorhees, it just won't die!

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Hi, i work at costco membership and wanted to explain to you the rules because either you didn't understand or the guy didn't explain it correctly.

If you renew your membership within 2 months of the expiration date, your membership renews at whatever your original signup date was. The reason for this is 2 fold. Firstly, costco gives you the rest of the month free no matter what. So if you started your membership on january 6th, your membership won't expire till the END of january the next year.

The second reason they do this is because costco offers A LOT more then what is in the store. All there services that they offer outside the store (i.e. discounts on travel, buying cars, etc.) are all extended for 2 more months after your expiration date. So, if you get the costco american express card, it won't expire for 2 months after your membership expires.

And the reason they do THAT is because people often forget to renew and costco doesn't want to cancel your credit card or some important big ticket item because you haven't been in the store recently.

If that guy is screwing you over by telling you that you only get 1/2 a year if you renew 1/2 year in, quit the membership. Then, apply online. It takes a few days to get it but it comes up as a new membership and they can't do anything about the redundancies. ALSO, REPORT HIM TO CORPORATE.

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