New members. Hello, thanks, and a quick introduction!

noobiesJune 20, 2009

Hi, I've been browsing this forum for the past few days and just created this account for me and my wife. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the useful information we've been able to find here already.

We're actually not American, but I've been in the US for the past 10 years between college and work. Next year we're gonna be moving back home (Middle East), and we'll be furnishing our first permanent home. We're going to buy most of our furniture in the US and ship it back home as furniture is a lot more expensive there because of the steep customs duties (enough to offset shipping costs). Also, we should benefit from having more options to choose from in the US than back home.

I think the username says it all; we're complete newbies. Such newbies in fact that it's gonna take us a little more reading to figure out what questions we should be asking :D Any pointers will be appreciated :)


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Be sure to check out the Home Decorating site on GW, also.

We talk a lot about furniture over there. You can link it on the top of the page.

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If you are buying a lot of furniture, you really should go to North Carolina (Hickory and High Point especially). The furniture stores are vast, and the prices much better than most places you will see in the US. If you time a trip for after market, many of the stores will be having sales. If there are particular lines you like, you should get on the mailing list--they'll let you know when they are having specials. I lived in NC for several years and I ended up furnishing about 8 homes (mine, family members, and friends) exclusively from deals picked up in the clearance centers. And of course, don't forget your local 'Craig's List' for used furniture--that can be the best deal of all. It helps if you've looked at tons of furniture, because then you can spot quality, you know makers you like, and you know not to believe everything the previous owner tells you. Virtually everything advertised on Craig's List is called 'solid wood' and about 10% of it is. I love a beautiful veneer, but that's more rare than the solid wood. I have some wonderful second-hand furniture, and you might want to consider going that route too. Good luck, and happy shopping. And when you do, make sure you check out your is a good forum to find out companies to use and avoid. (Yes, I have been through the nightmare international move--it turned a $15,000 move into a $50,000, be sure to start researching that NOW. But double verify everything, before they start loading, licenses, permits, etc.) What was a good company, can turn into something awful very quickly.

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Thanks for the warm welcome parma42, and for the very helpful advice darenka. My friend here at home also told me to consider going to NC (I live in IN). He worked there and knows people who shopped from High Point too.

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