new gas fireplace, first time use question

tracey_bDecember 1, 2010


We just moved into our new house with a gas (propane, direct vent) fireplace. We were told we need to run it about 6 hours initially to allow it to "cure" (he might've used another word, but I'm not sure) and to open windows and use a fan to help the smoke get outside. That's sounds messy! Is this really necessary?

In our last new house, albeit 14 yrs ago and not a direct-vent (like a wood-burning FP but with gas logs installed instead), we didn't do this and I don't recall a problem.


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Congratulations. You got probably the safest, most energy efficient fireplace on the market these days.

A brand new direct vent system will emit an odor the first time it is used, I think, because many of its components are painted and the paint gives off a smell when it is exposed to high temperatures for the first time. I remember our direct vent system smelled the first time we used it. That was three years ago. I do not remember having to open windows to clear the sir of odor. After all, the direct vent system efficiently exhausts fumes up the chimney to the outside. That's the beauty of the system. So opening windows should not be necessary. But I suppose if the smell is very strong and aversive, it might dissipate more rapidly if you open a window or two.

Come to think of it, our three year old system emitted an odor, sort of a metallic smell, for a few minutes the first time we used it for this season about 2 weeks ago. My dear wife, who is much more sensitive to smells than I, complained about the odor. So I shut the thing off until she went out shopping.

I think that if you find the odor very aversive, open the window as recommended. Alternatively, you could probably turn it on for a shorter interval than 6 hours, say, one or two hours, the first time, and allow the system to "cure" or whatever gradually.

Good luck

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Thanks. I hope it's efficient since we're on propane (expensive), and I'm really wanting to use it.

I forgot to say that the windows were supposed to be open because of smoke that was "likely to set off the smoke alarms". I'm very sensitive to "fumes", so I was not wanting to deal with any of this.

Maybe I'll just "forget" what the FP guy said and just use it occasionally, like I normally would.

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I have a new Direct Vent fireplace and have been told it's normal to have a smell for a good while when the unit is new. I don't see why you wouldn't want to burn it off... It doesn't make a mess, just a smell. I'd rather do that once or twice than have it smell every time it's used in the future.

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Some packing on the glass doors are glued in an will emit a fairly pungent odor, good for whomever it was that told you, very good service, I would trust them in the future when you service it if they do so.

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Edit, should have said glass front not doors, is there an edit feature on this site?

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