What's Under My Carpet

vickkigMarch 23, 2011

Here is what I found while having new carpet installed, had no idea.....kind of a unique pattern for sure.

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Grrr.....I just can't get the hang of posting pics.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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So...did you cancel the carpet installation?

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WOW! That's worth waxing and keeping!

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Please hire someone who knows what they are doing to save that labor intensive piece of history. If that dates from the late 1800's it is probably only 1/4" thick and needs TLC to last another 100 years. Best wishes to you!

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Carpet was already purchased & I'm not a hardwood fan so I went ahead with the install. The house was built in 1962....I am assuming the floor was original to the house but don't know that for sure. When they laid the bedrooms I didn't even check to see what was under the old carpet. I really never expected to find hardwoods.

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That was a very detailed inlaid hardwood floor. It took a true craftsman to create that floor and wasn't cheap unless the person that built your house for himself was the craftsman. I hate that you covered it with carpet but your house, your choice. If you ever decide to sell, I would make sure and keep that pic. It would be a major selling point for tons of buyers. You just don't see work like that anymore or at least rarely. It looks like something from the 1800's to early 1900's.(Something you would find in grand mansions of the time.)Are you certain it was built in 1962?

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Yes, positive it was built in 1962. Thanks for the info, I am so glad I snapped the pic, I knew I might want to show it to a prospective buyer at some point. When I saw it I knew it wasn't just your average wood floor. My neighbors have been there since before the house was built and knew the builder - he built the house for himself so I will ask them.

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