Bliss carpet by Beaulieu? Anyone have opinion?

mybrowneyedgirlsMarch 27, 2011

I have been looking at carpet all weekend. I was almost convinced to go with a Stainmaster nylon 55 oz for $3.29 sq ft. We have 1272 sqft we are price came to $4600.

Then today I decided to stop in at another store. I found a fantastic sale on Bliss carpet (made by Beualieu). It is approximately 50 oz polyester (according to the salesperson who made an educated guess because it is not stated in their computer system). It is from the Softsense line, and it is very soft. It's a short cut frieze. The biggest selling point for me is that it caries the CRI Green Plus label, which means that it is very low voc-emitting, a major concern for us. It is 100% solution dyed polyester filament. Another bonus is it is about $1000 less expensive, coming in around $3600.

Our current carpet is almost 10 yrs old and though not stained, it is matted down and looks crummy (a level 1 or 2 upgrade from builder grade, which isn't saying much). I am mostly concerned with the carpet not becoming matted down, especially on the stairs. We are only planning to be in this house for about 2-4 more years, so we want something that will look good for awhile without going overboard. We are in the process of replacing all the 1st level carpet with hardwood floors, and we don't want to sink too much money into the carpet. But it needs to be soft, easy to clean, not matte down, and look nice.

I don't know much about Bliss carpet. I am very tempted to go with it due to price and low voc emmissions. What do you think? I realize nylon will wear better, but it may fade. Also, since we will only be here a few more years, will polyester be ok, or should we cough up another $1000 for the nylon?


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It will not hold up as well as nylon. Not even close. Smartstrand will wear the best and they too make frieze's. Smartstrand will wear the best in my opinion, Nylon 2nd, Poly 3rf, then olefin last. they will all have extremely low voc emission. Smarstrand also will not fade, and nylons of today..fade is never a concern. If you want something decent, dont buy a poly...They just dont cut it. 90 % of our carpet matting complaints are POLY...Good Luck

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your getting all caught up in the 'green' thing. I know of no carpet that isn't a low voc product. Smartstrand is made from corn and Mohawk bought one of the largest PET carpet mills. PET is a higher form of 'ployester'. Beaulieu is a distant third tier mfctr. If Green is your thing you should be looking at Mohawk either PET's or Smartstrand.

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Well, green is a concern, but moreover, our budget is the biggest concern. We have already done so many improvements in this house and we need to stop somewhere. We aren't necessarily recarpeting for resale, mainly for our own comfort/looks (I'm just tired of 10 yr old matted down carpet that isn't soft), but we really only need the carpet to look good and not matte down for about 3 yrs. Will the Bliss (Beaulieu) still look good in 3 yrs when we go to sell? If so then I'd rather hang onto the extra $1000 we'll be saving. I only need it to last as long as we'll be here, not as long as the new owner's will be here since they may not like it and rip it out anyway. But if polyester can't even last the few years we'll be here, then I guess I'll cough up the extra cash and pay for nylon...any more opinions are very much appreciated!!!!

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3 years is a lot to ask of a true polyester...Nylon or triexta is what you want.

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boxers: I don't think the OP is "getting caught up in the 'green thing.'" Those are legitimate concerns, and your tone was more condescending than helpful.

BTW, not all carpets low voc, many give off harmful toxic gases, and just because you can't smell them doesn't mean they can't hurt you. The Green Plus Label is given to carpets that pass more stringent testing for green products. The particular carpet the OP is considering (Bliss) is made of recycled plastic, and when they are ready to replace the carpet, it can be recycled again rather than thrown into a landfill. More of us should be "caught up in the green thing"--we'd have a much more sustainable world in which to live.

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All carpets re LOW VOC and meet regulatory standards. If they are giving off harmful gasses, no one knows about it as I have studied specifications from all the big manufacturers. The guidelines are strict. The green label means it is either using a recyclable product or has the ability to be recycled. Now, guess where about 99.9% of these recyclable products are currently ending up? You guess it..right in a landfill. It is a great thought, but the manufacturers have not and can not afford to recycle the carpets that are being ripped up. There is no regulation or separating or even testing equipment available to determine what would be recyclable and what it not. So in fact, it currently is a great thought, just not placed into action. So yes, I would not get caught up in the green thought when it comes to carpet. When the manufacturer's and the government get a system in place, then all of the carpets will be green labeled. My company sends 25000 dollars worth of carpet a year to the landfill.I wish it was recyclable. It is not.I am told there is a couple of spots around the country that takes a certain type of fiber, but how do you test what type of fiber it is. I question manufacturer reps all the time. It is not even close yet to a true recyclable program. There is no other choices. They do not give off toxic gas in a home. These are facts, not wives tales, fables, or myths. Good Luck

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Do not buy Beaulieu. Their carpet wears terribly and fades very quickly, within a few months. The warranty is worthless

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I work for one of the major carpet mills and bl_pickle tell me more about how "many give off harmful toxic gases" - that is an outrageous statement. I guess I am a gonner then because I have been breathing the stuff for 15 years as I drive from carpet store to carpet store.

I just looked and even our most entry level polyester cut pile is CRI Green Label Plus. It really should not be a factor in a buying decision.

Mybrowneyedgirls - one thing you said which is important is "stairs." Stairs are a difficult surface for carpet to perform well on. Polyester can perform well when constructed properly, but a polyester won't perform as well as a identically made carpet of nylon or triexta. Don't skimp on carpet, you will regret it.

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Bliss carpeting is the BEST! After purchasing it I lived in fear of the first stain I was certain a grandchild would inflict. Turns out it was I with red, flavored bottled water! Getting it up was a breeze with paper towels and a damp cloth, followed by a carpet cleaner when a slight trace persisted. My color is a very light beige or cream color. I do request that shoes not be worn in the carpeted areas (stairs & bedrooms) and I would purchase it again if I had further need. For this kind of quality and easy maintenance, I would say it was well worth the price paid!

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