Lennox Solana Wood burning fireplace

eztargetDecember 11, 2010

We are currently building a new home and between the two fireplace stores in town, they are steering us toward 4 different models. Including the Lennox Ladera, Lennox Solana, Heat & Glow Exclaim and the RSF Opal. We are looking for a wood fireplace with a nice size viewing area because it is going in a 2 story great room plus want something that is fairly efficient. Our primary heating source is going to be geothermal so the units primary objective is for ambiance. This has us leaning towards the Lennox Solana but we cannot find any information on it. The pamphlet is vague and doesn't have info like BTU's, log size and how much area it heats. I called Lennox tech support and they couldn't answer any of my questions. They said they would call back the next day and haven't in the 3 days since I spoke with them. Along with that the dealer says the unit is so new they don't have any info on it. Any feedback about this unit or any others I've mentioned would be appreciated.

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Efficiency is a moot point with fireplaces, they let most of your useable heat go up and out. The radiant heat is nice and if your fireplace has a blower built in it does help.


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I purchased my Solana in December, installed in Jan, 2011. I am very disappointed in this fireplace. First, it is outstandingly beautiful, simple in design, it's large size fits perfectly in my large house. That is where my happiness ends.

I live in high desert in Arizona. We don't have much humidity, at night it usually doesn't get below 20 degrees, days are usually more than 40 degrees in January. My wood is pinion pine and cedar, well aged.

I build my fire as directed, I start it hot to break any cold air seal, within 10 minutes the fire nearly goes out, no flame, just coals and unburned wood. The damper doesn't seem to matter. The fire goes out even if I don't close the glass doors and leave the great open. I have opened windows and doors and the fire still won't stay lit. After I fuss with it for 45 - 75 minutes then the fire takes off and seems to burn as it should, but doesn't produce the heat I would expect. The installer/dealer has been out 5 times to trouble shoot the issue. One thing that Lennox did tell them was to add more pipe to the chimney and that did help, the fireplace does not use as much wood as before, but it still wants to go out.

The only time the fireplace "acted right" was when the temp outside was 65 degrees. Don't know what that would have to do with anything, but thought I should write it.

The fireplace seems to not produce heat well. When I purchased the unit everyone told me it would "burn me out"....HA...I still have to have the furnace on to maintain 68 degrees in 1300 square feet of open area, not including bedrooms. I have another, older fireplace in another level of my house and that will definitely "burn you out" in a matter of 1/2 hour.

I have no idea what the problem is. The dealer I bought it from says he has been in contact with Lennox and they gave him the idea to add pipe. The dealer is going to a fire/heater conference this weekend and said he will ask ALL the question about the problems we are having.

If this can't be fixed, I will have the unit pulled out and have another style installed.

I did my research on this stove. I wanted high efficiency, good looking, top of the line product. Well, it definitely does look good.

I would love to hear from anyone who has this stove that is working well or that has found a solution to my problem.

Thanks, Lori

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