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nykennyMarch 4, 2012

Hi, My wife and I are just about to pull the trigger and order Chambord Oak(white Oak) flooring from BR111!!!! We got a sample board and love the light, rustic look.

My question is, this will be going in a florida room, that only has baseboard heating, and a wood burning fireplace.It's kind of separate from the rest of the house, and we only turn the heat on, or make a fire when we are in the florida room. When we are not in there it gets cold, so how would I go about acclimating the wood to this room. Would I run into problems if I let it acclimate for 7 days by leaving the baseboard heating on at 70, then once installed and not in use, allow it to get cold!!! Thanks for any help .

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Acclimation means moisture readings within allowable percentage differences between sub floor and the wood itself. If the moisture reading match, you're floor will be just fine. Humidity should also be between 35 and 55 before during and after installation. I hope it is an engineered product based on your info. Most BR111 is engineered but not all.

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Thanks for the reply Floortech. Its is an engineered floor.

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Floor tech is right you want to acclimate it to the environment which is most common. Heating the room up with a fireplace or something like that is not going to harm the wood unless you do it for prolonged periods of time. Like a week with it on and a week with it off. The wood flooring especially engineered can handle changes in temperarure and humidity quite well. I think you will be happy with the flooring you have chosen!

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The Br-111 Tiete Chestnut that I installed was great and I thought the milling was excellent. No gaps at all. Very tight fit.

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Tectonicfloors, what width did you use since I used the 5" long board width for the Brazilian Cherry and not all the boards were straight and their is some gaps. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi. I installed those floors and have had problems with the finish and subsequently with getting the company to honor the warranty and take responsibility for the problem. They claim they have not had any other complaints. I am wondering if you went ahead and installed the floors and if you had any problems?

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Please do not buy BR-111 flooring. Please do yourself a favour and check their reviews on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Also look at other online reviews. Tell your friends, post to whoever is looking for hardwood. We bought defective hardwood from this company, paid a lot of money. Then we were promised a refund, but never received it.

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BR-111 that was a good company before the 2009 is now BR-111 Direct and not the same company as they are now manufacturing their own hardwood flooring (including engineered hardwood flooring) and not buying from the two suppliers that used to do a good job since they did not pay them and there was a lawsuit. Please read below.

Here is a link that might be useful: BR-111 is now BR-111 Direct & not the same company

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