My gas fireplace keeps shutting off

nelly_2007December 22, 2007

My house is 5 five years old and I've used my fireplace every winter without any problems. Now, I have to light my pilot every time I turn it on. It stays lit for about 20 minutes and then the flames start to go down until the pilot and the flames go completely out. Any advice?

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Look at the flames and pilot burner flame carefully.

Do those flames tend to lift off the burner, change color and perhaps turn a dark blue, then become thready and then disappear?

If so, your fireplace is starved for combustion air and the flames are being snuffed out.

That could be a plugged vent pipe, inadequate combustion air supply, a vent pipe that has a gap or separation in it, a gasket around the glass that has detriorated or other such problem.

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My vent pipe was plugged. Great call seattlepioneer. My fireplace is breathing well now.

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Hi Nelly,
Glad to see you recieved valuable advice to get your problem correctd.
Where was your vent pipe blocked,(termination cap on the ouside or the pipe itself), and what was it blocked with?
I am just curious because I have a Direct Vent,(LP Gas), Stove and Fireplace insert with high wind termination caps. Just in case I run into a similar problem down the road someday.

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