Single ETFs that are balanced?

behaviorkeltonAugust 28, 2007

Is anyone aware of iShares or ETFs that do a good job of offering a nice balanced diversification?

I'm seeking 70%Total Stock, 20%international, and maybe some bonds.

it would be nice to do it with one "buy".


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Why does it have to be an ETF? And why does it have to be just one? You could, for example, buy as much as you feel appropriate of VTI, VEU, and BND and get whatever asset mix you want. But for every investor who wants 20% international, there will be another one who wants 25%, and another one who wants 30%, and so on.

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Well, here's the deal.
I have an online bank/brokerage. Using this, I can see my entire account online and I like that. However, it's $10 per trade and the available funds either have a high fee or a high cost per trade.
So instead of having to pay two or more fees because I have to buy multiple funds, I was hoping to find a single fund or ETF.

It appears that I will just use a separate Vanguard account... not too bad... but I liked the idea of seeing all of my accounts on one web page.

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I have my IRA at Vanguard and my 401(k) at Fidelity. I have set things up so that Vanguard periodically logs into the Fidelity website and retrieves my account information from there. Accordingly, I can display all of my accounts at Vanguard.

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I'll look into that. I love Vanguard, but didn't know about that feature.

So is this available to anyone with a Vanguard account?...or just Vanguard Brokerage accounts.

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I have a brokerage account there, so I don't know for certain--but I think it's available to any Vanguard customer. See the attached link for details.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to link other accounts to Vanguard

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