Fire Glass to replace logs - options

Michaeljc70December 26, 2013

I want to replace the ugly fake looking logs on my ventless fireplace with something more contemporary.

I won't be using this a whole lot. It seems like I can buy a kit with a burner and glass for $600-$700.

It seems like I can buy a burner+glass for $100-$150. My question is can I just buy a burner, throw it in there with the glass on top of it? I assume I need to put glass or something under it so air can circulate. I would manually light it with a long matchstick.

What am I gaining from buying these expensive kits? Probably a pilot light/safety mechanism is all I can think of. Obviously if I turn the gas on and don't light the flame or the flame goes out I have a problem.

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I have never seen a fireplace you throw a unit in and throw the glass on top.

If the gas is on and the flame isn't lit yea you might have a problem. Like imminent death kind of problem.

But heck you can save 500 bucks.

Come on man!!!!

Is this an April fools joke?

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I guess I don't follow you. This glass is very common in outdoor pits and it does cover the burner. Obviously air/gas can get through as it is small pieces of gas.

When I lit my old wood burning with gas starter, you turn the gas on and until you light it, it is just gas. Same difference. If you don't light it, you will die.

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I guess I don't get out much anymore. I know what you mean now. But again don't skimp on safety.

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