Mendota vs Heatnglo--the bottom line????

ourfamily6December 27, 2009

We are building a house and will have 3 fireplaces. We would like the mendota DXV series--the biggest reason is the ability to turn down th BTU's to 7500 so we can enjoy the look of the fire without getting too hot--especially with company. We feel the Mendota logs are more realistic also. Our builder says it makes a bigger difference what is around the fireplace, not in it and prefers a heat n glo look--for quite a decrease in price. Does anyone use the lower setting of 7500 BTU? Does it make a difference? Is Mendota worth the extra money? Thanks! We need to make our decision soon!

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We too are making this decision on a Mendota DXV45 Deep Timber 3 or the Heat n Glo 6000CLX. Prices are $4500 and $2500 with installation, respectively.Is the Mendota worth the extra cash? Thanks!

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Ironically, we just ordered the Heat and Glo 6000CLX today! Looked at the Mendota, and it is nice, but it's not as deep as the Heat & me it looked small vs the Heat & Glo. Also, a fireplace guy told me the Mendota is a "Heat & Glo on steroids" and recommended the Heat & Glo for our needs (small family room)...he sold both brands, BTW.

What really sealed it for us was that friends of ours have both brands in their home. They love their Mendota, which is a larger unit, & it's in their huge family room. They can heat both their family room and kitchen. They also love their Heat & Glo (which is the 36" unit we're getting); it's in their living room. We always feel warm in their family room; too warm for us. So for our needs, general use in a small family room, the Heat and Glo seems fine.

We don't really need the fan that comes with the 6000CLX (our neighbors have the 6000CL & same floorplan and say it's plenty of heat). But we liked the look of the embers and back lighting that comes with the CLX so decided to go for it.

I would agree with your builder. We decided to put our money into a nice cast surround; that will be the focal point in our room. Heat and Glo has been around a long time & makes a good product; we don't feel like we're giving up anything with that brand...and love the price.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your decision!

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