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fireplacejayDecember 22, 2010

Hi, at my old house I had a gas fireplace with a universal blower that I'm trying to find again and I can't. I left it at the old house. Anyway, it looks like a steel scoop and goes behind the logs and goes up vertically, and then bends over the top of the logs. The flames heat up the metal and the air blows out the top of the curved scoop into the room. There are 2 little fans in the bottom of the scoop that push the air thru. The "scoop" sits on top of 2 steel rods and the scoop can be adjusted up or down by loosening bolts on the steel rods. The steel rods also bend at the bottom and sit flat on the floor of the fireplace and can be pushed under the gas logs a bit to get the scoop further over the flames. It's similar to those tube models I see, but it's not a tube, it's a scoop with a wide opening, about 20" wide and 1" high where the air comes out. Does anyone have this unit, and where can I get it. Thanks.

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Go to google and/or bing and try a variety of search terms -- fireplace blower, scoop, etc. And see what turns up.

OR, ask at a fireplace supply place, or even a good old fashioned hardware story, the type that Home Depot has driven out of business.

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