Women You Admire

nancybee_2010May 10, 2012

I have always admired Helen Keller (she was brilliant and wonderful). Hillary, Condoleeza Rice, and I'm sure I'll think of others when I have more coffee!

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My mother, my grandmothers, my daughter, and all those unsung and nameless women whose very hard work and dedication to family created what was and is the best of humanity. Hillary Clinton, not so much.

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Definitely Hillary. She has broken a lot of glass ceilings and paved the way for others who came along after her.

My mom. She used to drive me nuts (and I drove her nuts ,too). However, she has shown such strength in such hard circumstances, such as caring for my sister when she died of cancer and persevering when my father left. Now she is 94 and still going strong with a good attitude.

All the women who endured the slings and arrows to secure equal rights for women. Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug and many more.

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Famous figures: Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd

No longer with us: Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana

Personal heroine: My sister, who was diagnosed with cancer 3 times in the last 5 years and is going strong and living it up!

She lost a breast, a lung, underwent a 12 hour-long brain tumor surgery, and two bouts of radiation and chemo. She's a champ, and the most courageous, kind, generous and loving person I have ever known. She's also really smart and funny!

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Rosa Parks and Amelia Earheart among the more well known ones.

As far as personal ones: my ex-MIL, My OB (wouldn't have my daughter without her), and my sister.

And lots of others whom I don't know the names of, but on a daily basis does things to better the world.

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I admire Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi. And even though they're not women, Elton John and David Furnish.

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All women who respect the fact that everyone deserves to live their life without fear of unfair treatment or discrimination. I have zero respect for a woman who doesn't.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Among well known women, Joni Eareckson Tada is the one I admire most. She has been through the trenches of life and supports those who can't support themselves.

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First and foremost, my mother. She raised me and my eight sisters and brothers with a huge love of family and to treat everyone with kindness, respect and without prejudice. She taught us that "to whom much is given, much is expected" and "If you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all". Mom never preached, she just taught us by example . . and she is so much fun to be with, too. Today she is 83 years old and she's still my hero and my good friend as well. My siblings and their families feel the same way. In fact, I've never met anyone who didn't really like and admire my mom. She's a very special human being, IMO.

Other women I admire: my 4 sisters, Oprah Winfry, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, Condy Rice, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, and the greatest teacher I've ever known who teaches science at DD's school.

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The one I admire most is my daughter. She has been through one trial after another and continues to strive to be the best mother to her children. She supports her friends who are in similar situations and she looks forward to each day as a gift. I'm proud to know her and be her mom. This is the child we wanted to freeze between the ages of 13-18, so you just never know.

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I admire women who are not afraid to express their views regardless if its popular opinion. I admire women who have different views of my own and respect that I might not share theirs. I admire women who like a good debate and are secure enough to realize that we don't all have to be exactly alike to be friends. I especially admire open minded women who I can disagree with and they do not hold a grudge. As far as famous people to admire, most people have more than one side and as I only know the public one I would only be able to list accomplishments that I like and not the person as a whole.

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The CEO of my company.

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I admire women who (if they have a choice) forgo a fancy house, car, or other luxuries in order to stay at home with a child. I admire the women who have no other choice who work outside of the home in order to provide for their child. I admire the women who work for incredibly low wages (shame on us) in daycare centers and nursing homes caring for our loved ones when we cannot.

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Amen to that, Oly!!!

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Agreed olychick!

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I admire a dear friend who has suffered much in life--she was adopted into an unhappy home where she was sexually abused for 10 years. After she married, her 2 year old child was diagnosed with brain cancer. When her daughter was declared cancer-free some 15 years later, my friend had a brain aneurysm that caused a series of strokes; she was then diagnosed with Parkinson's. Due to overwhelming medical bills, she and her husband struggle to make ends meet. She cares for her disabled daughter (who is now a young adult) and another, younger daughter.

In spite of all that, she is a talented artist whose work is inspired by the natural world. She has an amazing spirit. Whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of her, and her unflinching bravery and her abiding joy for life. She is an inspiration to me.

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I admired my mother. She raised five girls of her own and took in three other girls along the way. She was President of her Union for 27 years, leading strikes in an effort toward equal pay for women.

She served on the school board, sewed clothes for children who had less, was the Secretary/treasurer of the water district. When she got cancer, she never missed a day of work. She would come home after work and radiation to cook dinner. She gardened and canned and made eight pies on Saturday mornings.

She taught me by example what being capable meant. She could hunt for food, kill a rattlesnake the cat drug in without fear. She raised us to be proud of who we were and that no one was better than anyone else.

Mom remained active until the day she died. She could outwork anyone i have ever met. She knew how to listen and make everyone feel special. I wish I could be half the woman she was.

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I think you underestimate yourself, Goldie. You sound very much like your mom.

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The women in the Natl Women's Hall of Fame get my votes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Natl Women's Hall of Fame

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There are so many I admire I can't even begin to list them. My mother and grandmother. I have learned so much from them. My mother made sure her daughters were self confident, independent women who knew they could do whatever they wanted, and have their mother's support in whatever we chose. She was our biggest cheerleader. The contentment I feel today with my life, I owe in part, to my mother.

Celebreties I admire I think first of Dana Reeves and Princess Diana.

So many in my life - my two "angels" - friends of my mom who have stepped in to love me and be there for me. They receive a mother's day care with a note telling them what they mean to me.

My sister.

And yes Goldie, when you wrote about your mom, I don't think you realize just how much of that describes you as well.


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Christiane Amanpour. Fascinating life and an unwavering contempt for the atrocities (and the people who cause them) that happen across the globe. This passion has often garnered criticism aimed at her "objectivity" in reporting.

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Gold, I think you're more than "half the woman" your mother was. :)

I won't list the reasons but I highly admire my DIL's mother. I think it's because I love her personality and how she never seems to tire!

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Goodness, thanks! Honestly I wasn't fishing for compliments. The single most important mantra of my Moms: "You make the bed you lay in." To her children, it meant that if you make a mess of your life, you will live in that mess and clean it up yourself. She wasn't able to rescue us from ourselves.

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I've loved reading about all these admirable and inspirational women!

Another woman I admire is Julia Child.

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I admire the honest, ethical women - and men - I have known through the years. People who do hard, honest work, and do it well. People who love themselves and each other.

I do not admire narrow-minded people who are so afraid of life and reality that they stomp on honest, free speech, who are not even honest enough to say who they are and take ownership of their actions.

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I do not admire narrow-minded people who are so afraid of life and reality that they stomp on honest, free speech, who are not even honest enough to say who they are and take ownership of their actions.


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I don't admire those people either, but it's possible that some people have threads deleted because they like to report it when politics is discussed here.

But it's a shame because threads where people have differing opinions on things tend to be interesting!

Stay tuned, this one may disappear too!

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I mean, as opposed to because they don't agree with something.

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Nancy, would you mind emailing me? I couldn't find a link on your member page to your address.

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You could be right Nancy. Until I got the friendly reminder and re-read the rules, I didn't realize or remember that politics are not supposed to be discussed here. Apparently even on the conversation side.

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I emailed you, natal-

tina, I wish they would change that rule. Like many people, I like to hear different opinions on current events. It doesn't have to get ugly.
I don't really like the hot topics forum, I'm interested in what "you guys" have to say!

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I agree Nancy - especially on the conversations side. Unless I missed something, I don't think that particular thread got out of hand.

I don't like hot topics either.

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Tina, where does it say that about politics? I searched the Terms of Service using the word politics and nothing came up.

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I love having my mind stretched - especially by people I admire. That includes everyone here! HT seems to thrive on talking over one another. Here, I feel like we talk with each other.

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This was linked in my friendly reminder email. Sorry - the numbers didn't copy! It's the sixth rule down.

Users of GardenWeb agree to abide by the following:

Users are expected to behave in a friendly manner towards others. Differences of opinions are fine, condescending attitudes and sarcasm are not.

Advertising in any form is not allowed. If you have a business, please read: Businesses Using the Forums

Postings using profanity or that we feel reflect badly on another user, or any class of users, are not allowed.

Once posted, you will not be able to edit or delete messages.

Messages addressed to or meant for particular users should be sent via email and are not allowed in the forums.

Please avoid topics relating to politics and religion where opinions vary widely and feelings can be strong.

Postings using all capital letters, excessive punctuation or simplistic subject lines such as "HELP" may be deleted. Shouting above others is not polite.

Any posting our staff feels is unduly argumentative will be deleted.

Users are not allowed to make solicitations, for themselves or others, nor may they run contests or surveys in the forums.

While it is fine to link to a Web site you are not associated with in the context of a discussion, using this site as an announcement service for, or to promote, Web sites or other media is not allowed. Please do not use our forums as a means of publicizing competing forums.

Some businesses that have abused our site have been blocked. If you encounter such a block, you must not attempt to circumvent the block. If you do, it will be interpreted as part of a pattern of abuse and appropriate action will be taken to defend this site.

Please be sensitive to the fact that this is a business and it would be unfair to use our site to promote a competitor's.

Posting merely to manipulate the position of a message is forbidden.

Please do not post the same message to multiple forums.

We reserve the right to edit or delete material posted to the forums at our sole discretion.

Users are expected to use a single identity in the forums. Using a nickname or pseudonym is fine, but it should be used consistently. Likewise, memberships and passwords cannot be shared between individuals.

The use of copyrighted material within postings is unlawful and we are obligated to identify any user doing so. If you are copying something verbatim from somewhere else, be sure it isn't copyrighted.

Use of this site in order to conduct illegal activity, including but not limited to, the sale or transfer of illegal substances, is strictly prohibited. Users are not allowed to trade or exchange, nor even discuss the growing of any plants or other material listed as a controlled substance by the U.S. government or which is otherwise known to be a narcotic.

This site is under no obligation to explain or defend any decision made in regard to the handling of any forum message.

Any forum, or forum area, which is inactive for thirty days or more is liable to be closed.

No posted material will be permitted to be reprinted elsewhere without the permission of those who posted the material originally.

Any messages felt by our staff to be out of place in a particular forum, or the site as a whole, will be deleted at our discretion and without explanation, regardless of whether or not it is in violation of any rule or guideline set forth here or elsewhere.

Users breaking the rules repeatedly, or egregiously, will be banned from participating in the forums.

Users disagreeing with these rules or wanting clarification of their meaning, or have other questions about the administration of the forums, should address their concerns directly to our staff. Anyone who wishes to make a public display of their unwillingness, or perceived inability, to follow the rules, or who wishes to use our site as a platform to protest any aspect of the site's administration, will be immediately banned from our forums.

Users objecting to another user's posting should likewise address their concerns directly to our staff.

While everyone is welcome to their opinion, using this site to deride the site itself, our staff or our business, will not be tolerated. Nor will we allow our staff to be subjected to abusive or disrespectful correspondence.

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I'd love to know where that's written on the GW site. It's sure not in the Terms of Service. Anyone know?

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Ok, so I don't get it, Hot Topics has the same rules as we do are they the exception?

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I see this thread took a turn from it's original theme. I kind of get the GW philosophy based on reading the details Tina posted. I think they want it to be a generally friendly and positive place so people continue to want to come here and aren't driven away by nastiness. It seems like the Hot Topics forum is intended to be the one place you can go and post all the controversial stuff that is likely to result in hostile responses.

I don't mind differences of opinion and a little debate with educated people but I truly don't care for the Hot Topics forum. I would probably drift away from GW if a lot of it included that kind of thing. As it is I see enough people getting wigged out over what someone else said. I'm always amazed how worked up some people can get over something some anonymous person writes on the internet. And I also often wonder if those who get kind of nasty would have the courage to say the same thing to someone's face. Maybe - maybe not.

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So...women you admire?

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