Fixing voids and soft spots in newly installed hardwood floor

yottaflopsMarch 9, 2009

I installed a new hardwood floor at my place recently. It's a floating engineered wood floor over concrete slab. I realize the concrete subfloor should be pretty flat in order to prevent voids, soft spots, or squeaking. But being an amateur, I couldn't really tell that the floor was uneven before I started -- it seemed pretty flat to me at the time.

I guess I must have missed a few spots, but right now there are a few spots that feel "soft". It's not too bad, but I'd definitely prefer if it felt more solid.

Is there a simple way to fix this, without taking out the floor (or pieces of the wood)? I found that for glue-down engineered floors, there is a product called DriTac -- a kit that lets you drill a hole into the wood and fill it with some adhesive using a syringe. Would something like this work for my floating floor?

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Dritac is very thin and runny. It may help some but it needs some resistance to keep it in place as you inject it. Instead of filling it would probably just spread out underneath a floating floor padding.

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The only sure way of dealing with soft spots is to disassemble the flooring and fill the low spots in the concrete. I assume you have a mechanical fastening system so this is not as difficult as you may think. A 200 sf room can be disassembled and reassembled in about 4 hours (even with some one who doesn't have much experience). Once the floor is up you can use TEC's Versa Patch or any other concrete leveling compound. My only word of caution is to allow the patch to dry and cure adequately before reassembling the floor. This means you may have to do this repair in two stages.

Here is a link that might be useful: Great Western Flooring

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Thanks for the pointers. My floor is glued together at the tongues & grooves, so disassembling it might not be an option. I'll probably just leave it for now, and be more careful with the floor in the kitchen, which still needs to be done.

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