Reasonable Water Bill ?

andre_phillyAugust 9, 2006

I think I'm paying too much.

Family of 5 (kids age 11,13,16)

Cook meals often

wash clothes


No swimming pool

No car washing

No lawn or garden watering

What do you think month water bill should be?

My last one was $60.00

Any comparisons?

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Well, is that for JUST the water? Or total water, sewer and garbage? If that is a combined bill it sounds extremely reasonable to me. I think rates vary by area of the country, however.

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I think that's WAY too much for only water, but it does vary by locality.

Just as an example: family of four. no pool. water lawn every other day. dishwasher, laundry, etc.
My last bill was about $27 for three months. The bill before that in April was a bit over $11.

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A typical residence here runs between about $38 and probably up to $50+ per month for combined water/sewer/garbage.

For comparison, a business where I work:
Water = 97.05
Sewer = 118.01
Garbage = 252.84 + 8.25% sales tax
Total = 488.76

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Well, I live alone, so it's hard to make a comparison, but my bill 90% of the time, is the minimum, which is $8.88.
I'm on rural water with no sewer as I have a septic.

Seldom cook
Dishwasher used occasionally
Wash vehicles occasionally
Water plants occasionally

I think someday the water facility will realize the rates are just too reasonable, and raise them.


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During the summer our water comsumption always is higher. We use more.
Family of 4, dog and cat
fish pond with water fall
sprinklers to water veggies/flower gardens, pots and hanging planters
Use dishwasher and washing machine daily
Showering daily

Ours was 140.00 for last 3 months. That's up 10.00 from the previous quarterly bill.

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We're a family of two adults and two big dogs. Run the dishwasher every other day, laundry daily, gardening (no lawn).
Our bill has run $35/mo (just water as we are on a septic system).

But our last home was a water bargain. $180/year - period. No meter. I miss that.

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oops! That last statement of mine should read; That's up 30.00 from the last quarterly bill. Sorry, NancyLouise

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Since you probably have no control over the amount you are charged for water but do have control over the amount of water you used, it would be better to compare your water usage rather than your cost. The rates people pay for a gallon of water vary enormously throughout the world, so comparing cost with others here is not going to be very meaningful.

If you are using substantially more than people in similar circumstances, you might have a leak. You might also have family members that like baths, long showers, etc.

I'd offer to compare my usage, but I have a pool, I water a relatively large lawn, I wash a car and van, and I have two kids that love to play in a very full spa tub several times a week.

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when my wife and i lived in town our water bill was 27.88 a month, the minimum charge for water sewer and garbage. teh water portion was 8.44, sewer 8.44, and garbage 9.00. we moved outside of the city limits and it runs about 25.00 a month for water ONLY. still about the same usage, just a different company providing the water now.

drastic difference in price, and only 3 miles away!

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Our water bill varies between $40 and $200 per month, with summer very high due to watering demands for a large, heavily landscaped yard. I'd love to only pay $60 per month.

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I don't think you can really compare your water bill to anyone else's--unless they live next door to you, in the same kind of house, with the same number of children.

There are too many variables when it comes to water bills--how much are you allowed as a minimum? is your sewer fee included with the water bill? is it a private company or one owned by your town? And not the least of all, rates can vary greatly, from one location to another.

Our town is the only one who supplies their own water--so our bills have always been cheap. We pay only about $75/quarter (so that's only about $25/mo). But people who live just a town over are generally paying double that or more. Everyone in our county pays a $300+ sewer bill on top of that.

The only thing that you might want to look into--if you truly think there's a mistake in your bill--is having your water meter checked or replaced. It is possible for meters to cease to register properly. However, if you can tell by the usage on your bill, that it's about what you usually use this time of year, then it's probably reading correctly.

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I believe I generally use ~2500 gal/month and pay about $6 for that. I'm on septic so no sewer cost. Last month I watered a lot and used 5500 gal and the bill was $11.80

I'm in Texas and we often have water restrictions during the summer so I think were you live and how much water is available also sets your rate. I could imagine it being really high in areas such as Denver etc. where water has to come from somewhere else.

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