fireplace insert surround dimensions

hearthside_im_all_inDecember 7, 2008

Hi all,

We're planning to install a wood insert into our existing masonry fireplace. The brick fireplace has four square, grated openings (say 8x8"), one in each corner. I suspect this may be for air flow in addition to style, as you can feel warm air coming out of the top ones when a fire is going. All of the inserts we have seen have black surrounds of at least 8", and I have concerns about what this would do to the appearance of the fireplace.

What, exactly, is the function of the insert surround?

Is there a required minimum width?

Does the surround have to be metal?

Would blocking/covering the fireplace vents be an issue if the insert blower fan is managing the circulation?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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The purpose of the insert surround is to cover up the hole in the fireplace and give it an acceptable appearance.

I wouldn't expect that covering up the existing warm air vents with the insert surround would be a problem. But I'd get the opinion of a fireplace installer to be sure --- you never know.

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Thanks for the feedback - it sounds like the insert surround could then be smaller than the 8" we've seen, as long as it's enough to cover the hole... I was concerned that this size might be required by code. If it isn't, then perhaps we could trim the surround panels so the vents aren't blocked after all. Best of both worlds!

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