Majestic solitaire 300 DVBLMSC7 model

Anthony424December 18, 2013

I have purchased this unit three years ago from a fire placed store called embers in Melville New York Long Island. Worst store ever and they didn't deliver fireplace till four months later and when they did they did not set it up correctly. Since day one I've had a bad odor coming from this unit. Stay away from Embers fire place store I spoke to a woman the owner her name is Bilinda very unprofessional.
So my problem is that every so often this fireplace gives a bad odor into the home and I do not know how to fix it I called Majestic but there's so much they will do if fireplace store is not cooperating?
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

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Check the seal of the glass, if the glass is sealed properly, check for flaking paint, it could mean that the installer used regular spray paint instead of high temp spray paint, this smell can seep through the glass. clean it off with a vacuum and a wire brush than check for smells. Don't break the glass, the beauty of having a professional do the job is if they break the glass, they pay for it. It will cost you money, but it could potentially save you money, depending on your mechanical aptitude.

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Hi and thanks. I had 2 guys from one of the fire place stores near my house but no luck. They changed the blowers and the seal below the flames but this unit still gives a gassy smell. They inspected the whole unit but no luck I still have a bad odor! I been talking to bob from BAC who are wholesalers for majestic. I also been on the phone with majestic but no one can figure out what's the problem? At this point I think they need to change the whole unit.
Stay away from embbers on 110 in farmingdale and stay away from Majestic. I have a Napoleon upstairs best unit ever!!!!!

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