how to restore color to leather after removing ink

coyleJune 18, 2010

Hello, I had an ink mark that I removed from my brown leather lazboy & now it's lighter in that area. What can I do to restore the color?


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You may never get the colour back into that leather properly.
When using an ink remover on leather, you should have used the remover in a non-conspicuous spot (like under the bottom of the couch or chair) to see what effect the remover would have had on the leather.
If you haven't already, contact La-Z-Boy and see if they offer to help or get you in contact with someone that can, and know what they are doing.

Good luck.

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Permanent markers are now made in an amazing variety of colors....I have used them on all sorts of things to "restore" color. If you can find a color that's close....go for it.
Linda C

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Actually lazboy had referred me to a leather company and after giving them the cover # they can mix some color up. I don't know what it would cost, but I put extra leather conditioner in that area (which significantly darkened the leather--gesh) and now am wiping it with rubbing alcohol to remove the build up and hopefully fill in that lightened area with natural color; so far so good, but I'd be more careful in the future. It's surprisingly easy to ruin a nice piece of leather furniture. I'll buy a big thing of lexol next and condtion the whole thing. Thanks!

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You can't

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Hire a reputable leather repair guy. I got a piece of duct tape stuck to my expensive Thomasville sectional. I was sick. This guy came with a his sprayer and tools and within 40 min, you could not see where I had done any damage. It was worth every penny to me. He's on my contacts list forever.

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