Leather reclining couch in Canada

kaybee01June 10, 2010

I'd like to replace my couch and loveseat with leather and want the couch to have one reclining part. Can anyone from Canada advise on what brand or kind of leather would be best. I'd like a light colour. I do have a small dog that will be getting on furniture but no kids at home anymore. The different types of leather are very confusing so I figure its best to ask people who have purchased leather furniture as they would know best.

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No matter what kind of leather you get, dogs & cats with claws usually dont go together with leather very well. And everyones advice will mostly depend on their pet and how they react with leather. I have customers who with in a few days have their pets destroy almost any kind of leather. I suggest declawing if your want to protect your investment.

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Leather in a nutshell:

There are three broad classes of leather:

- Unfinished : This comprises the top ~15% of hides. It may and will probably include minor character such as scars, insect bites, stretch marks, etc. It is dyed and then may have a light to medium protective coating applied. The protective coating can be wax or urethane. Rich look and good hand (feel). "Buttery" is often used to describe this. Depending upon the type and amount of protectant, these can be subject to scuffing, water marks, body oil stains, and general soiling that's hard to clean. Suede, Nubuck, waxed and semi- or full-aniline leathers are terms describing this group. As way of analogy, think of wood that's been dyed, then top coated with a wax, oil finish, or lacquer/varnish.

- Finished : This comprises the rest of the usable hides. It will have defects corrected and will have an opaque coat of one or more colors applied. Multiple colors are called "sauvage." Easier to keep clean, but the color can scratch and in time, peel or wear off. Again, analogy is painted or lacquered wood.

- Rebonded : this is pieces of leather scrap and trimmings that are chopped up, mixed with a binder, pressed with a grain pattern and colored. Depending upon quality, this can be very fragile and friable, or decent. Think of particle board as an analogy.

Another term you will hear is "leather match." This is where the parts you touch -- the inside back, seat, and inside arms are finished leather. The parts you don't touch, outside arms, outside back, kick panel, etc., are vinyl that has the same color on it as the leather.

But pets with claws and teeth do not go well with leathers.

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