OK to lay new linoleum over 5 year old linoleum?

ginjjMarch 17, 2011

I just got a quote for new linoleum since that which as laid down 5 years ago split at the seams twice!! The original installer is out of business - of course. The estimate I just got was from a man recommended by a friend.

He said he would lay the new over the old. When the "old" was laid down 5 years ago the contractor who I do trust, made sure the floor was ready for new linoleum so I feel at that level it is sound. Since the only problem with the linoleum now is the split seams I guess that wouldn't pose a problem laying new over it?

With the extra material I was going to have him do my very small bathroom but I think now that's a bad idea. I read that 50 year old bathroom floors can have asbestos, probably has some water damage etc., so certainly couldn't or shouldn't lay new linoleum over 50 year old linoleum.....right......I know, needs no answer here.



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I disagree with your last statement...If the bathroom floor is holding down well..you can emboss the floor and install right over top of it. He should used a cement based patch with a latex additive that will mix up extremely smooth and he will skim the entire floor smoothing out like a skating rink..then install the vinyl over top of that...He will need to cut back and patch any curled areas. Also in the kitchen if the seam is split and curled, he may need to cut the seam back to solid well glued material, and patch that area while he is embossing. The portland based patch as opposed to other patches will inhibit mildew growth ...You definitely can install over the old vinyl and if your upstairs bath is asbestos based, it is all the more reason why you should install the new over it from the waste material. Good Luck

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Thank you Floortech. Sounds like we are all set then!


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