gas fireplace only clicks, won't light

darly38December 13, 2007

Help. Our gas fireplace only makes a clicking sound when we try to light it. The previous owner had installed a gas log kit with gas lines out to two large propane tanks outside. I don't think the tanks are empty yet, we only used it some for 1 season. When I have the gas on, and turn on the ''fake pinecone'' starter inside fireplace, I can hear it clicking but nothing else ever happens.

any suggestions?

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Gas tanks can have a slow leak, so those tanks that you think still have propane may not. Just a heads up on that.

After an off season (3/4 year??), it can take some time for a gas fireplace to relight. When the gas was shut off at the end of the season, the piping after the shutoff valve typically empties itself of gas over time. The only way to fill the line back up with gas is the miniscule flow of gas to the pilot light, and this can take some considerable time.

First, make sure the gas is turned on at the outside tank, and also turned on at the fireplace. Turn the main gas control valve to 'pilot', hold the button in, and periodically press the igniter (which I assume is what you are 'clicking'). This may take several minutes of holding the button in, so expect to click every 10-15 seconds for maybe 5 minutes or so.

If the entire line from the tank to the fireplace is empty of gas, you may need someone to open a fitting at the fireplace and bleed the line. Unless you are experienced, this isn't something for the first-time DIYer to do.

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one other thing I'll add is that if this system has been shut down for any length of time it's not a bad idea to have the system tested for leaks and such just to be safe. Other than that formula1 has given you about all the advice anyone could without more information about the unit itself.

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