Stone staircases and small children - x post

fooglie1March 27, 2012

We're moving into townhouse this summer which has a long straight set of stairs going up that I believe are limestone. The home is in a hot/dry/dusty climate, so the stone is nice in terms of clean up and cool floors but I am a bit nervous since I have a bunch of small children and the thought of someone tumbling down those stairs is terrifying.

What can I do to make them more child-friendly? I was thinking carpeting them (not quite my taste) or putting a runner down the middle, but how would you do this with stone stairs? Glue? Would it ruin the stairs?

I also imagine that dealing with carpeting/runners in this dusty dry climate would be a pain, but we have to pick our battles.

Is there such a concept of laying wood/laminate on top of the stone stairs? If so, is that also done with glue?

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.


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Sophie Wheeler

You can't put the world in cotton batting. Teach your kids safety habits is the better approach. Limestone is very porous and any glues that you would use to either glue down carpet or wood would ruin it. You might as well rip it out entirely and put in a wood stair. But,

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If you are the owner and you would not be violating any neighborhood covenant, then you can do anything you want. A glued outdoor carpeting would stain the limestone.

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