Mixing brands of poly

weedyacresMarch 28, 2012

We used water-based Olympic satin poly on our walnut site-finished floors a few months ago. It has been absolutely dreadful as far as scratches go. They're on the finish only, not into the wood, but when the sun shines on the floors they look all scratched up. And we're not talking kids and dogs running around (we have none), we're talking the wheels on the vacuum cleaner leave scuff marks.

Reading through a lot of posts, I wish we had used Bona Traffic. But we didn't, so I'm wondering if we can put a coat of it over our existing floors without sanding the existing poly completely off.

Can you "mix" poly by putting one brand over a different one, if they're both water based?

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You can top coat with traffic, but I would make sure that you have no bonding issues with the Olympic material with the wood.

Also, the technical folks at BonaUS ought to be able to give you the best answer. Call them.

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Thanks Glenn. I called Bona and it took a half hour on hold, but they said most poly's stick to other poly's, even water over oil, as long as it's fully cured. They advised me to lightly etch/screen it, and try it in a small area (we've got a coat closet that'll do).

We don't have any bonding issues with the Olympic to the wood, just an overabundance of scuffing and scratching.

There's hope!

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You can recoat this floor yourself...just read all the instructions and follow them to the letter. Same with cautions about product handling.

I don't know what they told you about prep, but my advice would be to buff the floor with a maroon pad and their Prep product, clean it absolutely...and then coat with Traffic when the floor has dried.

You don't need the t-bar applicator if what you're doing is a small area. 9" foam and flock applicators by Shurline (or an equivalent product) works well.

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Thanks for all the detailed info, glenn. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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