Hampton HI300 - Blower Removal HELP!

scottsoDecember 27, 2013

New member here. Just got a Hampton HI300 and it seems to be working great. The manual states that the blower should be cleaned as annual maintenance - but does not indicate how to remove the front face plate to access it. I have pulled pushed and pried as much as I dare without bending or doing damage and I can't get it loose. I wasn't home when the installer put it in - so I don't know what it looks like behind the plate. Can anyone give me some tips as to removal so I can access the blower?

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I would contact Hampton and hopefully they have a help line. Or if you have a dealer close by visit one and ask.

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Hi - just finished doing it. The blower unit is held in place by two support clips attached to the ashlip right above the two corners of the front facia of the blower unit (where the side facia plates attach) . The blower unit has two matching plates that slide into the two clips on the ashlip. I took a screw driver and very gently pried the top of the blower unit from the bottom of the ashlip at the right side clip location, grabbed the inside back of the right facia plate and gently pulled forward. The whole unit then just slid out. The fan blades were totally clogged with dust and dirt which I cleaned out. Works much better now.

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