Problem: 400 lbs meat, 90 degr. heat, power blackout

joyfulguyAugust 18, 2003

I wrote of this issue on "Money Savings Tips" thread, won't reiterate here but made a number of observations regarding the recent (Thursday, Aug 14 but still current for some as of Mon. Aug 18) power blackout that affected some 50 million in the north-east.

Ontario's asking many non-essential govt employees (no snide comments, please) to stay home for a few days, business and industry to cut regular consumption by about 50% and householders to shut down every non-essential power using system during the next week, while the shut down generators are being returned slowly to service.

When our national broadcaster asked Thursday night on a province-wide phone-in where we were sharing ideas, to turn off every non-essential appliance, to reduce risky surge when power came back on, I thought water heater not essential but no switch - so pulled fuses.

Still not replaced. Shaved in fairly hot water Sat. morn. Haven't bathed since (Mon. noon) so I must smell by now - but I live alone (keep my distance when I go out).

Someone please tell the Times Sqaure guys to turn off their signs for a few days??!!

joyful guy

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Plugged in the water heater for a couple of hours each of Monday and Tuesday nights, after midnight when demand low.

Co-operation with requested reduction of demand, especially from early afternoon till 8 p.m. or so, was good - some companies shut down part of their activities, some took a couple of days off. They had about 6% cushion between available supply and demand during peak consumption, today.

So they didn't need to implement the "rolling blackouts" (shutting off power for 30 - 60 min., first in one area, then another, then a third) that would be necessary if demand outstripped supply.

Increasing heat, daily, with smog problem through most of the area, today. Expecting hotter tomorrow.

A pain for industry which needs secure supply. And for people using computers, if they lack instantly available alternate power source.


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