Computer Scam to avoid

reader77August 16, 2011

I've always been TOO PROUD of myself for avoiding computer viruses and other problems all these years. Well, I fell for what could have been a big scam.

Yesterday when I turned on the computer, I saw a firewall message that there was a problem, and to click on a box to block it. When I did so, a bunch of other boxes appeared that said I had the blaster.worm. Here's where I made my mistake, I thought it was a message from Microsoft Security which I am using. It said to click on Download now, which I did. Up comes the form to fill out to pay $59.95 for it. I still thought it was legit, because it had a logo that looked like MS security shield, and name was similar. I filled in the credit card info. And a program to remove worm was supposed to download. Of course, it did not.

I shut down and called a repairman. About 15 minutes later I get a call from my credit card company, questioning the transaction, and said it came from Russia, I told her I had fallen for a scam, and they told me how I can dispute this when I get next statement. She also cancelled my card and will send me a new one.

The computer is now clean. The repair man said this is an old worm that has been started up again along with the program supposed to fix it (not). He said he has seen several lately. Since I have the usual security stuff, I asked how I got this, He said probably from a website I had clicked on last time before I shut down.

Think I will post this also in Computers - hope all of you are more careful than I was!

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I heard on the news that these guys make a lot of money this way.

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We lost $54 to that Russian company also. Hubby was on the Internet, shutting down and got a phony message that looked like it was from Microsoft. We lost use of our computer entirely. from Then it cost us $120 (cash) to have a local computer geek come to my house and get rid of the Virus. Our bank refused to refund the $54 because hubby willing clicked boxes allowing them to use his credit info.

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I'm sorry you got scammed, too. It did look like a legitimate Microsoft site.

Since I used a credit card, I've been disputing the phony charge. I've filled out and filed 3 sets of forms, and the card company has given me a temporary credit. They say the "other party" has 60 days to respond.

I will post here when I hear something.

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