Hearthstone Clydesdale - Acme Stoves (Rockville, MD)

nicolebvaDecember 9, 2007

Has anyone installed the Hearthestone Clydesdale wood insert. Many of the reviews I have seen are from 2005 and early 2006 and only 2 users actually had used the unit. We have picked this unit because of it's large viewing area.

Is anyone having problems with the unit? Do you like it?

Also, has anyone used Acme Stoves (Rockville, MD or Springfield, VA) for installation.


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I had the worst experience with Acme of Rockville. Last Oct., 2010 I purchased a new Avalon gas fireplace from them for $3,000. But I had my own contractor install it rather than spend the $1,500 Acme wanted. Turns out the new fireplace had a defective control switch. I called Acme 17 times to get this fixed. Half of the calls went to a voicemail box that was full. The other times I was promised someone would call back. No one ever did. So I put the $3,000 charge in contest which got Acme's attention. Acme sent a technician to my house who agreed the switch was defective. He said he'd order a new one. Then Acme wanted $125 to install the new switch. I called Travis Industries which manufacturers Avalon. It admigtted it had a problem with my defective part. So I spoke to Alan the owner. He said he wanted the $125 because he heard my contract admit he broke the switch (a total lie). When I asked what nationality my contractor was (he's Chinese), Alan could not answer (hate to get caught in a lie, right Alan?). So they said they'd send someone to fix it but not until Jan 25, 2011. Let's see, I paid for it in November and sat until the end of January to get service. I would never deal with Acme again, and I warn everyone considering Acme to stay away.

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I purchased a Hearthstone Clydesdale stove last fall and have been using it heavily since then. I am very happy with it and really have no complaints.
We use it to heat part of our house, burning a fire most of the time when we're home (except when we sleep) and it's cut our gas bill by about 35%.

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I bought a new Hearthstone Morgan stove from Acme in December. I'd been there many times over the years, and read a lot about the stoves too. Acme might be slow with refunds but they do have a wide selection and they know a lot about stoves.
The wood inserts are expensive; Might take 10 years to recoup the cost but the stove warms my house and looks lovely. The blower is quiet and seems to circulate the air well, although I also use my ceiling fan. Finally, in the land of Pepco, the stove will work when the power goes out, unlike those attractive pellet stoves.

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