Help me decide between two hardwood flooring options

toothdoc78March 10, 2012

Hello, I'm new to this forum. :) My husband and I are trying to decide between two different hardwood flooring options for our house. The flooring will be covering our main floor foyer, hall, kitchen, and eating area, which is approximately 1000 sq feet. We currently have a light maple hardwood floor that is in not great shape and are looking to go with something a bit darker (not really dark though) and with a wider plank. The two options we're considering are both by Casabella flooring. One is Asian Walnut Antique Handscraped in Champagne.

The other is Maple Cottage Handsculpted in Amaretto.

I'm interested in which would be more durable. We have two young kids and 3 cats, so scrapes and dents are a concern. This is one reason we were going with a wood with more character to it. Will the asian walnut change color like some of the other exotics? Is one better suited for our climate (I'm in Michigan)? The asian walnut has a 15 year finish warranty, while the maple has a 25 year finish warranty. Both have a combo polyurethane/aluminum oxide finish, although I think the maple is slightly glossier. I was leaning toward the walnut, but if the maple is going to have a better warranty, would I be better off going with that one?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. This will be professionally installed, and the price is just about the same for each.

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Two young children and cats will equal abrasions and dents and it will not take long. the warranties should not be a deciding factor in my opinion. If you are afraid of seeing wear then honestly hardwood will not be a great choice. In an active household, you will see the wear and disruption to the surface and it will be fast no matter what wood you choose. You must accept that thought process as many people get really surprised and think they bought bad wood. Hardwood shows wear and it shows it quickly.

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