Majestic Fireplace Problem

cactuscatieDecember 24, 2010

Our fireplace is almost 3 years old and has never worked right from day 1. When we put it on, it works for a little while and than goes off by itself. After a half hour or hour the fireplace will go back on by itself. We had countless service people, the contractor and the mfg look at it and no one can fix it. Also the flame is blue. Shouldn't the flame be orange.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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I am not familiar with Majestic. I assume it is not a sealed system -- not direct vent -- and you open the flue when you light the fire.

Is there a possibility that a downdraft is putting out the flame? It might be worth trying to have a fire with the flue not fully open, if it's possible to close it just a little bit. I'm tempted to ask if the problem occurs more often on windy days, but I have a feeling that if downdraft is the cause, it would happen irrespective of the amount of wind. This is just a wild guess. Another test you might try is to open the flue and take a sheet of newspaper, light it on fire and place it near the flue opening. The heat from the flame should rise and create an updraft. Once the updraft is going, turn on the gas and see what happens. If a downdraft is the cause of your problem, and if the updraft from the newspaper flame is self-perpetuating, you should no longer have a problem.

However, if your system is direct vent, it is quite possible that one or both of the vents in the sealed system are the source of the problem. Fixing that would probably require some professional expertise. Try to find someone other than the one who did the installation. You need an expert and impartial opinion.

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You should also ask your local gas utility check or recheck the gas line if you haven't already done so. The flow of gas into the line may not be steady.

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Our fireplace is direct vent. It is so hard to find an expert in our area. We are still looking at this time.

haus_proud, didn't think of calling the utility company. Will look into that also.


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