Stove glass cleaner?

theplayerDecember 13, 2005

Is there a product out there that can be wiped on the glass to stop staining? My wood burning stove windows stain up during every fire even when a decent fire is going. I have been cleaning with a product called "Bar Keeper's Friend" which is mild and states is for porcelain. It cleans well, but there are always spots that need to be scrubbed and now I'm wondering if maybe the product is causing the glass to stain easier.

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There's a product called
Hearth&Grill conditioning Glass Cleaner with Silicone made by Rutland. I use it and it works fine There may be others out there That may be better but this seems to work well makes it easier to clean I wipe it every morning with a dry paper towel and cleans it up quite a bit.. I saw it at Walmarts for $3.69 I bought mine at Ace Hardware for $5 change.. Lot cheaper at walmart in fire place tools section..

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The best product I've found for this is (believe it or not ...) ORANGE BLAST cleaner. I spray it on and let it stand for about 3 minutes -- voila -- creosote, soot, etc ... GONE! Simply wipe off all the grunge. It works best if the surface is horizontal, so I remove the door from the hinges and lay it flat when cleaning. I imagine any of the orange type products work about the same.....

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Sounds like the "Citrus" component of the orange cleaner does the trick. I bought an expensive cleaner at a fireplace shop. But it took a lot of scrubbing (with a gentle pad, so you don't scratch glass) The glass cleaner was somewhat expensive... $11 for spray bottle.

Removing the door and laying it horizontal is important. Let it soak... re-spray to keep it wet.

I'll try the Orange Blast as an alternative. I have the Regency I-1300. When it gets really hot, the glass self cleans. But on low levels.... it sure gets dirty.

It's nice to view the fire... that's for sure.

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Here's a suggestion ... take a damp piece of paper towell and put some wood ashes on it and wipe the glass ... it will remove all deposits - then I gently wipe with a clean paper towell with a little windex ... Perfect everytime!

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I've found over the years that cleaning stove glass isn't worth the trouble. the best solution is to size the stove apropriately for the space its heating so it can be burned hot, and then cleaning will not be necessary, it simply keeps things hot enough that accumulation on the glass will simply burn off; obviously this benefits your chimney as well. With coal stoves keeping the glass burned off is fairly easy, however with a wood stove depending on the make and design even with high temps it seems to be a little more difficult, but not impossible.

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use white vinegar. i have for years and it works just about as well as the stove store stuff for 1% the cost. it usually takes 2 washes - spray it on the glass and rub off with newspaper, spray again rub off with newspaper. do that for each door's glass. total time about 1 minute.


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It's kind of an old thread, but the best thing I've found is Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent. It works great on the glass doors to my fireplace, and it's cheap.

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I use oven cleaner. The regular stuff, not the no-fume type. It works best if the glass is a little warm.
I spread a piece of newspaper under door to catch any overspray, spray & wipe with paper towels & then throw it all in the fire.

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I have a Lopi Revere wood burning insert and have used some of the Rutland glass cleaner. The Rutland stuff work ok, but the damp paper towel with light ash trick works the best, and it's free. For light accumulations, just use windex. For some reason, now that my insert is a few months old and has several hundred hours of burn time, the glass cleans much easier.

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Combination of vinegar and wood ash made into a paste and rubbed with cloth does an excellent job. Taking off the door makes job easier but I would not remove the glass. Less trauma to the glass and gasket.

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