Duraseal Weathered Oak and Classic Gray

maggiepie11March 2, 2014

Hi there,

Just wanted to post a couple large swatch photos because I had a terrible time finding real images of these stains on red oak since they're so new. We're doing a custom blend, and these swatches of pure stain were the result of a misunderstanding. But I thought they might be helpful for someone down the road.

This is on red oak, preliminary sanding, but not treated in any other way (i.e. no scraping or water popping), and it also has not been poly'd in this pic. The photo is pretty true to life, at least on my monitor.

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Thanks! That Classic Gray is a nice color.

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i would love to see what kind of mix you did. We are trying to find a stain for our red oak doors and were thinking of mixing as well

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