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lettaAugust 26, 2008

Help! AT&T is beaking my bank. I live in a rural area and can't get high speed internet, so I must have a land based line to access the internet. sattelite charges are out of my budget range. What are some reasonable phone companies, AT&T is a complete rip-off. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

If you are in a rural area, I doubt if there are other land line choices available to you for a phone.

What is breaking the bank?
The actual local line?
The voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, wire care insurance plan?
the cost to call it a per minute charge?
calls in state?
calls out of state?

I am retired from 'the phone company' so know a bit about the ins and outs of all the billings costs and issues. There may be a better 'plan' suited to your calling needs, once your calling habits and features are known.

I think voice mail and caller ID are about $8 for each service a month unless they are in a bundled plan. It is much cheaper (and more convenient in my opinion) to have an answering machine with a one time cost of just $20 or so.

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