My chicken is frozen

cookie8February 24, 2009

So I finally decided to face my fear of eating roasted chicken again. I had a chicken in the freezer which I pulled out this morning. Problem is I want to start cooking it now but it is still partly frozen. Can I still cook it? Thanks.

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Put it in a pot . fill with tap water.
Do this a few times and then dry it off and
It will be OK, if you don't Stuff it .

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Funny how I always do this with turkey! My brain has been on pause for a couple of months now. Thanks.

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Put it in the pan partially will cook just fine but take a bit longer....but not as long as filling a pan with water and emptying and refilling etc.
You can cook a chicken or turkey from frozen solid....I have done that....more than once....more than twice....
Just use an instant read to be sure it's done....but an extra 20 minutes or so should cook it just fine.
Linda C

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Every time I roast a chicken, I swear it will be the last time. No matter how long I roast it, it's still pink at the bone. I've tried high temp, low temp, brining, even an all-day at-220º-version. An extra 20 minutes if it's still partially frozen? Not at my house. I tried again Sunday.

The thing is, I love roast chicken. Oh,well. Oh, and yes, my oven is calibrated.

I hope yours turned out, Cookie.

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Nuke it. ;)

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Chicken which is "pink at the bone" is done if it's hot enough. The pink has to do with a substance in the bomes....nor the pink of underdone meat.
Linda c

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But, but, but...the recipes all say roast until juices run clear or temp is 165 (or so). My temp says 165, it's roasted longer than the advised time, and it's still pink! I've never had pink chicken served in a restaurant. They're always brown.

So I nuke it to finish it. Every time.

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I cook my chicken to 180. Last nights bird turned out very well. I even went on the make chicken soup which also turned out well. My "wing it" soups don't usually turn out so I should write down what I did. I ended up cooking it a little frozen for a bit longer. I don't pay attention to how long it's in the oven just by what the thermometer says.

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I nuked it once but it cooked part of the Chicken too.
Guess that's OK.
I don't cook a Chicken that is still frozen, because I usually Stuff and Roast.

The faucet way doesn't take long at all.
Good Job!!! I'm taking one out of the freezer now for Friday.

I usually Bake the Chicken to 180 Degrees in a Waterless Cooker ( 1930's Model )
Take the top off for the last 15 minutes, if it isn't browned enough.
Usually the legs are pulling away from the body.

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Sherrmann, that's until the JUICES are clear, not the meat. If the juices (when you pierce it with a fork or skewer) come out looking like in the photo above, it's done.

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