Best Way To Clean Wood Floors

SSShayneMarch 12, 2012

Im getting new wood flooring put in and its been years.....I really need something to sweep dust off on a daily basis due to living in the desert and having multiple pets.

Whats the best item you have found - mop, cleaner, etc that is hopefully low in chemicals, easy to use and good for the floors.


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Just for dust-bunny collection and dust removal.

A dust mop. Microfiber, swiffer-style or just plain acrylic ... doesn't matter. The trick is to use it every couple of days.

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Swiffer-Vac! That thing is AMAZING!!! If you've just got dust & hair, the regular Swiffer works great. Anything larger than dust and I recommend going with the Swiffer-Vac as it will pick up even more with the vac part and dust mop all at the same time.

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I use BOMA floor cleaner. I never use water or vinegar. Vinegar is an acid which can damage poly. Water if used in excess can blacken joints between boards.

Our floors were done almost 7 years ago and look great.

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Hardwood�floors�are one of the easiest flooring types to keep�clean. The quickest and most effective way to�clean�hardwood�floors�is with a damp mop. Before mopping, make sure that you have removed all surface dust from the floor. This can be done with a soft broom or lightweight vacuum cleaner. Then, simply mop, rinse and repeat. It is important to remove grit and dirt from hardwood�floors. Dirt and grit are the biggest enemies when it comes to scratching or scouring the floor finish.

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Bona microfiber mop with distilled water, or get the robotic version:

Here is a link that might be useful: Mint Cleaner

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