Finnish for maple plank floors

Juno_barksMarch 31, 2014

We are considering putting in maple floors, 3.25 inch plank. throughout the kitchen, living room, hall, and two additional adjoining rooms (~1000 square feet). We want something that won't yellow, that can be walked on fairly soon (cannot take a vacation, teenage kids are in school), and will be stable enough for a house with a single gentle dog and studious teenagers who are soon to head to college.

The contractor suggested pallmann PALL-X 96, which is a waterborne one-component finish system. I've found a few reviews on line, positive, but not much information. On this amazing site, I either am using poor search criteria, or this product has not been discussed.

Do any of you have suggestions? Should we consider a hard wax finish instead? We are staying away from urethane because of its tendencies to become amber.

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Hardwax oil is def an option. Only downside is you cant be on the floor for a good 24 hrs after its applied.

The finish you were suggested. I dont use it so i have nothing to say good or bad about it.

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My contractor is suggesting Pall-X 96 or Synteko Classic (same price), trying to find opinions of these finishes

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