Harman Accentra Putting Out Less Heat

xndmanDecember 12, 2009

Hi, I've hard the Harman for about two weeks. The first week, I didn't touch the stove except to add pellots and it worked great. after a week, I turned off the stove to empty the ash tray, scrape the burn pot, etc. Since I've started the stove back up it doesn't seem to get as hot as it used to. Granted, it's about 10 degrees colder outside, but the room the stove is in only gets to about 68 - 70 vs 75 before. It also seems like the ashes are clumping up and once when I manually cleaned them out of the burn pot, there were a lot of hot ashes burried underneath the old ones. Is this normal? It seems like the stove is not pushing our the ashes, nor producing the dust like ones that it used to. Any thoughts.

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