little heat out of pellet stove

roger3357December 10, 2009

Hi All, I have a Natural Fire tp-440 i got used, everything works fine, blower,auger, starts up ez, n/ps,

anyways i installed myself, haveing 4 kids at home i couldn't aford someone installing, anyways i do get heat out of it but i dont think as much as you should, mybe would be able to heat up 500 sq of house, i think this stove should do 1500 sq of house like it says, eveything is clean, i scraped the outside of the heat exchangers, don't know if there is a way of getting inside of them, cleaned firepot and every thing else thats inside and under the top cover i pulled off to clean the heat exchangers. anyways i installed the vent on top, this stove alows me to vent from back or top, from the top out of the stove i used just reguler vent not pellet stove vent, at the elbo going out i used pellet double lined vent to the outside of my house, would that be a problem for my heat lost ? i dont see that being a problem but there is something,would this be better venting from the back and not the top ? any help i would apr.

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