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donnar57February 20, 2012

My husband requested cupcakes yesterday, so I grabbed a box of cake mix. He needs to watch his cholesterol, so of course I made these cupcakes using Egg Beaters.

I know that for cookies and bread, one can substitute unsweetened applesauce for the oil. Can one do that with cake mixes?

Other things I've done with cake mixes...

Mix a funfetti cake mix with a 12-oz can of Diet 7-Up, and bake as cupcakes. I've also done that with a "lower sugar" cake mix, and it worked.

I mixed a box of devil's food cake mix with a 15 oz can of Libby's pumpkin, and baked. This makes a very chewy brownie type thing.

Any other fun that one can have with a cake mix?


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Donna, you can use the applesauce in the cake mix in place of the oil, just be aware that it will spoil faster.

With the devils food cake mix and the pumpkin, you can use any flavor you want with the pumplkin. My aunt does it. It's a weight watchers trick. She will frequently make it into cookies instead of brownies, and freeze in servings.

I've never heard of using 7-up in a cake mix. How does that work/come out?


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See if the link below from Betty Crocker will help you out.

I've been experimenting with recipes that use beans as another fat substitute:
How To Replace Fat In Recipes With White Bean Puree

Low-Fat Black Bean Brownies

Oatmeal Chocolate-Chip (and Bean!) Cookie Recipe
(source: Epicurious)


Here is a link that might be useful: Healthy Baking Tips & Low-Fat Substitutes

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3-2-1 Cake Mix

1 box Angel Food Cake Mix

1 box Cake Mix - Any Flavor

Makes 1 serving.


In a ziploc bag, combine the two cake mixes together
and mix well. For each individual cake serving, take
out 3 Tablespoons of the cake mix combination and

mix it with 2 Tablespoons of water in a small microwave-safe container. Microwave on high for 1 minute, and you have your own instant individual little cake

KEEP remaining cake mixture stored in the ziploc bag
and use whenever you feel like a treat! You can top
each cake with a dollop of fat free whipped topping
and/or some fresh fruit.

Helpful Tips:

This recipe is called 3, 2, 1 Cake because all you need
to remember is

"3 tablespoons mix,
2 tablespoons water,
1 minute in the microwave!"

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Can't vouch for this recipe, but it certainly is low-fat. -Grainlady


(source: 100-Day Pantry - By Jan Jackson)

1 box cake mix, any flavor
1 (12-oz.) can soda pop, any flavor

Mix ingredients and microwave for 8 minutes in a 9x13 dish, covered and vented. Let stand for 10 minutes and turn onto a serving plate. You can also bake cake in oven using bake time on cake mix box.

Notes: Using an electric mixer yields better results than mixing by hand. If you don't have a 9x13 dish with a vented cover, use plastic wrap, pulled taut, and poke a small hole in the middle.

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It's probably not what you're looking for, but when I was young, my mother would get a white cake mix and make cupcakes. I could then add food coloring to the batter to make each cupcake any color. I learned more about color theory from those Saturday morning baking sessions than in any art class.


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Grainlady, some magazine that I don't remember did some tests with different items replacing fat and they found that beans gave the best flavor and texture. Everyone appeared relatively surprised, LOL.

Donna, be aware that baked goods made with fat replacements can bake more quickly too, so watch them carefully.

I don't use cake mixes because I don't like the strange "chemical" flaor or the texture, but I make my own cake mix, thanks to King Arthur flour. Does that count? I also use their formula for multi grain pancake mix.


Here is a link that might be useful: Make your own brownie mix

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