What is with Harman????

snowriderDecember 5, 2007

I joined this site a few weeks ago as I have had problems with my Harman Advance ever since it arrived at my house. All of the problems I am experiencing are strewn throughout many posts on this site....

- Squealing augers, smoke in the hopper, outside air problems, banging sounds, dirty glass, excessive carbon build up, shut down problems, igniting problems, etc...

My dealer seems to be a dead beat. He likes to diagnose over the phone, when you get him. He tells you I'll call ya right back, then two days later you need to call him!!!! And he keeps saying, "never heard of that before, the Harmans are bullet proof!!!!" Then I call Harman and they refer me back to my dealer and will not answer general questions.!!!!

To make things worse, my father in law loves the dealer, to the point he bought 3 stoves from him. He bought this Advance 4 years ago for himself, then my father in law totalled my 10K snowmobile. The Advance sat in the box for 2 years in my father in laws basement. I was ready to put a gas stove in my house as we were constructing an adition. My father in law gave me this Advance stove in leiu of the wreck. The stove was never fired until it was put in my home. I have been through the numerouse problems that all of you are having....

Each time I have a problem, my father in law just says, "No problem, let's go up and talk to so and so (the dealer), he'll help us.." It's like my father in law is in denial that I am having problems with the thing, and he's playing interference between me, and his freind the dealer. Each time something happens, the dealer gives us a part to install. "Oh making a squesling, here try this motor." My father in law's like, "see what a nice guy, he just gives us parts". I'm like yeah, that would be like buying a car under warrantee and the dealer says, here, take this transmission and throw it in the car, see if this helps......

I'm about ready to have a breakdown over this .....

Since I joined this site, I have tightened the chain and have removed the outside air kit, and it seems to be much better, Less smoke in the hopper, the bang is infrequent, etc.. no thanks to the dealer!!, but thanks to you folks. The squeal I deal with by banging the auger, etc...

I have to scrape the burnpot out every day as the carbon build up is moderate. Well, I scraped it out last night as usual, but the friggin thing never lighted for me. I clean this thing out once a month, and yes, I remove all the fines surrounding the igniter, behind the plate, etc.... This is the first it has done this to me. I called the dealer... he said he would call me back in 30 min..... still no call. I let the stove cool, then I turned it on and it worked....I am at such a loss..

Are there any Harman dealers in Mass???? Is Harman the best?? If it is, I can't even imagine the worst!!! Are there any other brands you would reccommend?? I'm ready to take this thing, and drop it in front of the dealers door!!!

I would appreciate any feedback....

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After hearing all the crap on here and other forums I wouldn't buy a Harman.
My St. Croix hasn't had any problems, but when I first
bought it I called the Mfg because some of the literature
was unclear to me. One of the engineers there was happy
to explain things in a clearer manner to me. They didn't tell me to call my dealer. They were very nice and took the time to talk with me. It doesn't sit well with me to think that Harman won't talk to consumers EVER.
So many stove mfg's out there to choose from that make
quality stoves and are easy to talk to if you need them, I can't see myself ever buying a harman.
I think I saw you post over on the hearth btw.

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Hello -
I have had a similar problem getting technical support for a very old Harman pellet stove (15 year old Invinsible).
A couple years back Harman changed their method of tech support - if you call them now - they will tell you to contact your dealer.
You have 2 ways to try -
1) Contact some other Harman dealers - I have NOT had good luck with "The Stove Place" Shrewsbury, MA
I have had help via phone from these other dealers -
Ask to talk with one of their technical people and explain your problem about lack of help from your current dealer.

2) If you get no where - then ask one of these dealers - to contact the NE Harman representative and have him call you - this person can then call Harman tech support and relay questions back and forth. I do not recall this NE rep name at this time. He was very helpful and I did express to him my dislike of the change in policy for contacting tech support.
My Harman - except for one very unusual problem has been a excellent stove (large rock in a bag of pellets - got stuck in the auger - auger still rotated but no pellets were able to feed) - The Springfield, MA dealer suggested I take apart the auger and described how.

- I have not replaced ANY parts on this stove since it's purchase new.
If I were to replace it - I would purchase another Harman.

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