choosing a zero clearance FP

oberon476December 16, 2009

Good morning all,

I am looking to install a zero clearance, wood-burning fireplace in my home.

I am currently looking at three products, all of which meet the requirements of the tax rebate:

HeatnGlo Northstar

KozyHeat Z42

American Energy Systems MagnumZC

Anyone have any thoughts on any (or all?) of these units? I have read reviews of all three and the reviews have all been positive if not glowing (sorry, pun intended).

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!


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What do you plan to use it for? Just a cozy fire at times or when you have company, or are you planning to use at as an appliance to heat your living area?

Your options are plentiful no matter which way you go. But if you plan on using it as a heater, I would suggest an air tight fireplace that's really a woodstove and is designed to heat, not just look nice.

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The best one IMHO is the Lennox Colonial because the firebox proportion is more traditional and the unit is better detailed with a built-in mesh draw screen.

Here is a link that might be useful: good fireplace

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Thanks for the replies.


The unit will be used primarily as a supplimental heat source, but I also want the ambiance of the fire as well.

All of the units that I mentioned (and two others that I am looking at) are air tight. They are basically an air tight stove that can be framed in place.


Thanks for the tip, but as I said to christopherh, I am looking for an air tight unit for efficiency. That Lennox is pretty though.

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Just make sure you have a local installer and dealer in case you have any problems and need service. You don't want to try to go through the manufacturer as they always go through dealers for service.

That's why I cringe when I see people buying a unit from Northern Tool or Home Desperado. Try getting service form the 17 year old kid in Home Desperado with 22 pounds of piercings. He'll be lucky if he knows what a stove is, let alone know what to do.

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I recently installed the heat-n-glo northstar. I have it in my great room, which has a 16' ceileing that steps up to 18' in a loft, where there are three bedrooms. The great room also extends into my kitchen, which is very long and wide. I am amazed!!! The wood stove heats the whole house and is fully adjustable; you can stoke it down for a low burn, have it burn at a medium rate, or run it on high. The stove is very nice looking and it can be used as a traditional fire place and burned with the doors open. My brother in law and my sister's boyfriend have the exact same unit and use them to heat their houses. I would recommend purchasing this unit without hesitation.

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