Hearthstone Equinox

HaydenPondFarmDecember 3, 2012


We just installed a brand new Hearthstone Equinox wood stove. Unfortunately it arrived with a large scratch on the soapstone top. Hearthstone shipped the stove in a open lattice crate and something likely got between the slats to make the scratch, but it didn't cause any visible damage to the crate to give us pause for signing. Hearthstone customer service, if you can call it that, has been completely unresponsive. After weeks of trying we got this answer: "We would never send a stone out with such a large scratch. If it is an actual scratch, it was done after it left the factory." My dealer said they won't help us.

I don't understand paying a premium for a made in Vt stove and then getting worse than outsource model support.

Any ideas on how to get some help?

Thanks, Dan

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Hearthstone is owned by a Spanish company, Hergom which does most of the castings. The soapstone usually comes from Brazil. The stove might be made in VT from those parts but given the poor state of the Spanish economy and the misplaced austerity measures in the EU, I'm not surprised that the service is poor. It sounds like you're dealing with one of the overseas people.

When your dealer says they won't help you, do you mean the dealer or Hearthstone? Because the dealer should be the first person to go to bat for you. I would find out who the stove distributor wholesaler is for your region and get in touch with them. They probably know some of the Hergom/Hearthstone salespeople. Good luck. Small shallow scratches in soapstone can be sanded out easily but if it's deep you'll need to replace either the stone or the stove.

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