No closet- need clothing storage

hilltop_gwJune 26, 2009

My daughter is moving from the Midwest to a small (maybe 3-400 sq ft) apartment in NYC. It doesn't have a closet, just a small storage unit under a bed loft that she hopes to put a rod in. Anyone have suggestions for an online source for a great wardrobe or wall unit with either doors or an area for baskets. She's been looking online at various places (Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and others), but I thought I'd see if anyone here had actual experience in purchasing anything like this.

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Try Ikea. They have a lot of closet inserts, wardrobes, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea closets and wardrobes

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NYC is undoubtedly expensive, but you don't know until you ask. I called a number of local closet guys (not the sleek 'Classy Closet' type folks--they are expensive) real, local small business owners. I got custom closets throughout my house and they were about 10% cheaper than IKEA and I didn't have to put them together, haul cumbersome boxes, etc... Some contractors don't like to play the game, but I give everyone a sample size and ask them to quote me a price over the phone. I've already figured out what IKEA will cost me, so I waste a couple of hours on the phone (put on a phone headset and clean my toilets at the same time, so really, I'm out nothing.) You come up with an interesting price, I'll have you come out and give me an in home estimate. In the closet instance, it really came out to my advantage to use local folks.

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Gothic Cabinet Craft. They have a number of stores in NYC.

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Thanks for the replies. Initially we'd both thought IKEA; however she's trying to buy things here in the midwest & have them shipped to NY (new employer paying for moving). There is no IKEA remotely close to where we're at in the midwest and it can't be ordered online.

Contacting a "closet" type place could be a possibility but she's concerned about the time to make the contacts & meet w/ salespeople. She's just out of Law School & starting with a firm so she's anticipating minimum 12-15 hour work days.

The Gothic Cabinet Craft site looked interesting.

She's been looking online & found a few more trendy/contemporary items she likes from Thomasville available through a local furniture dealer.

I do appreciate everyone's responses.

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I was surprised at the lack of closet space when I moved to NY from Chicago. I ended up buying an amoire. If you're near Chicago, there are plenty of furniture outlets that have great ones. Crate & Barrel, Carson's and Macy's are all in Naperville (about 45 min. west of Chicago).

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Hi, I have found a wardrobe closet especially designed for small spaces. But I'm not sure if this is available in your place, but anyway I will still attach the link for you to see if this is the one that you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: small wardrobe closet

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