stoveguyyAugust 17, 2012

We have high end grocery near us. Budget store is 4 miles away. They have nice meat dept. have 7oz gourmet burgers for 1$. All varieties have chopped mushrooms, cheese or other filler. I asked butcher if they had non-filler, all meat versions? Yep, for twice the price. And the gourmet burgers are made from lesser quality meat while the regular burgers are made from better meat. So they add floor sweepings/filler to cheap meat to make the, taste better? Sneaky. But than all ground meat is nasty. But I do eat it. I am a carnivore you know.

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Grind your own. Semi-frezon chuck of chuck roast in a Cuisinart, pulse until just ground, do not over process.

And BTW, the best meat for real burgers is the fattiest stuff, burgers will be juicy and delicious.

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Why do you think they add floor sweepings. I for one would never work at that place if I had to do that. I would rather work at a fast food restaurant and I think most people feel the same. And I would call the organization that watches over processing companies like that and report them. Maybe you were joking.

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How do we go from adding mushrooms or cheese to floor sweepings? Hamburger is and always was a way to use up scraps and make otherwise tough cuts more palatable, so the idea of a "gourmet" hamburger is a bit of an oxymoron. And, yes, processors have added fillers to hamburger.

If you want really good 100% beef hamburger, pick a roast and have the butcher grind it for you. Or, grind it yourself.

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"Grind it yourself" only if you own a grinder.

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""Grind it yourself" only if you own a grinder."

A food processor does an excellent job.

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like water off a ducks back. i know stores sell different fat content ground beef. different cuts of meat that is ground up also will affect price. ask butcher to point out different varieties of their ground beef.

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Cavell, I'm not a carnivore, I'm an Omnivore. I eat grains,fruit and vegetables also. My cat is a carnivore. My dog is like me, she even eats McDonalds and pizza.

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I don't eat grains,fruits,veggies. Meat mostly. Some chicken.

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