Marco fireplace problems.

jwslandDecember 30, 2010

Hello, I recently moved into my girlfriends house which has a Marco fireplace model number 792778d. We enjoy using it, unfortunately we aren't getting any heating benefit from it . The fireplace has a blower on it installed with an on off switch, no thermostat. It hardly blows any air at all when on. I just kicks some annoying ash around. Every different option on this fireplace is pretty much useless. Open doors give off some heat but once the fire is out, or dying down then all our heat goes with it, up the flu. When we close the doors and turn the blower on the logs burn noticeably longer but the blower isn't pushing the heat out. There is a lever on the side which allows outside air to be drawn into the back area where the air should be moving from the fans vs. using only inside air, we can't tell the difference between open or closed. I have taken the front apart and checked the fans, they seem to be working just fine. They blow strong when I put my hand infront of them. I had no luck when googling this issue. Marco fireplaces has gone out of business. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?

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I am not familiar with the Marco brand. But what you say is consistent with the general view that conventional fireplace designs send most of the heat up the chimney. Since you have tried adjusting the various settings that you can adjust without improving performance, maybe you're getting the best you can from a poorly designed system. Maybe that's why they are no longer in business.

The only other thing you might do is to find out if neighbors have a similar setup as yours. If they do, and theirs performs better than yours, then yours may have been improperly installed. You should get yours checked by someone with expertise on these things. If theirs is about as poorly performing as yours, there's probably not much you can do unless you want to spend money on a new installation. In that case, look into a Direct Vent insert, but that will cost you more than a few dollars.

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Joe Irving Jr

hello,i also have a Marco fireplace it is a792776D i also needed a blower switch and found out about there out of business to help solve my problem i put in a gas insert i close the flue almost all the way open the air intake and it heats up down stairs nicely i use propane gas so u dont want moisture to build the blower dose push some air out the top vent but not that effective your glass doors should be open for best heat.good luck do you know where to get parts?ps hope this helps notice the posted date.hope its not to late

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