Replacing Logs and Delivery system

pete76December 17, 2007

I don't know anything about gas fireplaces so I am looking for some guidance. Here is the situation as I understand it. I recently bought a condo that is about 15 years old. The gas fireplace worked intermittently and the flames were low. It eventually stopped working completely.

I've had two people in to look at it and they tell me that they can't get replacement parts to fix it.

This seems to leave me with the option of replacing the logs and mechanism back to the switch. I'm happy with the mantle.

I see plenty about replacing the logs but what should I be asking for to make sure they replace everything?

Also, any recomendations? I am interested in a nice flame and heat if possible. When this worked it didn't provide any heat to speak of.

Thanks in advance.......


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I'm a big advocate of checking out gas FPs in person, to see what looks good to you and what doesn't. I love the clean face units in theory, but in practice you can tell there's glass between you and the flame, which ruins the effect for me. I find I actually prefer units with screen in the doors, to obscure things just a bit. The exception to that are the Napolean models with lights inside-- sounds silly, but look great. OTOH, some of the units from big companies feature light colored interiors that look antiseptically clean-- doesn't sound bad, but looks awful.

I'm going mostly with Mendottas, which have excellent efficiency and turndown rates combined with very nice flames. The 'upgrades' like nickle doors are SUPER pricey, though.

But if I were you, I'd try to find the brand of the FP somewhere in the works. I'd want a dealer from the same company to check it out, just to be sure. Unless it was an off-brand, super cheap builder's special, it seems strange to me that no parts are available. I'm wondering if you mignt be at the same sort of disadvantage as taking a Toyota to a GM dealer for service. Theoretically possible, but you are gonna get hosed.

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