carpet to tile question

aunteemomMarch 26, 2011

I just had tile and carpet installed. The tile edge is very sharp where it meets the carpet. The carpet installer states there is nothing he can do about it because they are different levels. If we walk barefooted, we will more than likely be cut by the sharp tile edge. Was there something he could have done to prevent this. He states that the prior carpet was thicker/denser and that is why the problem did not exist with the previous carpet.

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The very LEAST that ANY tile mechanic should do is to "break" the sharp edge with a whetstone. Where it abuts carpeting, I generally "soften" the edge on the wetsaw and also rub down any sharp edges with the stone. That's the minimum.

Aside that, there are numerous thresholds that can be used to transition the two materials.....a wood "saddle" or a marble threshold. I would not accept what they did.

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I agree...he apparently chiseled right to it. he has a ton of options. Do not let him get away with that.

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