DVC 500 coal stove measurments

jimmylineDecember 8, 2008

I bought a new DVC 500 in 2005, and have had nothing but problems with the pushing assembly. It is a dire point of frustration for me, to the point of me wishing I never would have purchased the stove.

Now, three years later, I am AGAIN having problems with the pusher not getting a full stroke.

I have torn apart the assembly and made sure the pushing block was attached on the inside. It is.

When it is assembled, the pusher is still not able to get a full stroke. The inside measurement of the pushing block assembly (where the cam bearing rotates) is 1 7/8", so, it is not the dual, rounded fork shaped bars that are bent. I was told that the upper bar of the fork would "bend" when the block is not able to move. And I was to get a big pair of channel locks and "clamp down" on those rounded fork shaped bars to bend the upper fork back. But, the measurement seems precise and I can't bend it any further.

The only thing I can possibly think of is that Cam Bearing is wore down too much. So, does anybody know what the measurement of the cam bearing is supposed to be?

The pusher bar still can be pushed down about 1/2 inch past where the current cam bearing is pushing it, and the up stroke you can push a good inch. Like I said--I can't bent this fork closed any more. It already has an inside measurement of 1 7/8"

If anybody knows the measurements of that cam bearing, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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