Is my fireplace made for ceramic logs? Help!

rob4mtheblockDecember 8, 2012

On the outside of my fireplace there is a pipe with a knob. Currently perpendicular as its off I can move parallel to pipe to turn as on.. The pipe goes into my fireplace I am not sure if this pipe is just to start a wood fire or if I can buy a care mic log set and use this gas pipe to stay on for the ceramic set.. This is my first time owning a fireplace so I'm lost..

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I believe that photo is posted upside down.

However as far as that fireplace being a gas only from what I can see it is not. Not being able to see it clearly I would say no its not, what it appears to be is an ignition line for wood.

I am concerned with what appears to be a 90 degree elbow that is in very poor condition. Please, I beg you please have a local pro look at the unit first hand before you light the fireplace. I know money can be tight after a move but I want you get someone in there to check that gas line as well as flue before you do anything with that unit. I was told by a firefighter the #1 cause of fires in the fall and winter are fireplaces. Just last New Years my next door neighbour had a chimney fire from a dirty flue that caught fire, that's when I talked to the firefighter.

As well he will give you a definite answer as to what you have there.

I wish I could be of more help, but you need to service that unit.

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