'mexican looking' fireplace

ilmbgDecember 5, 2007

My daughter is building a new house. She wants a 'mexican looking' fireplace- the kind with stucco finishing, smooth, sort of rounded. I know somwone that has an older one- it is sooty on the outside of the firplace- meaning inside the house, above thr firebox area. Not heavily sooty, just enough that s looks sort of 'dirty'. Is this looking bad because it is a lighter stucco finish? It would have to be repainted every couple of years, I guess to make it look clean. I can imagine an inch thick of paint! Is this a common thing, or is the fireplace not built/working properly? Thanks

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Do a Google search for 'kiva fireplace' That will give you many options as to design and installations. There are also some nice designs for kiva masonry heaters out there.

The smoke on that other fireplace you are describing is most likely from bad operation, or perhaps a plugged chimney. Something affected the fire or draft to make smoke enter into the room. All smoke in a fireplace should be contained within the firebox and not enter the room. But this soot could be easily cleaned off with fireplace cleaner, painting it would be unnecessary.

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nhyankee- Thank you.

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